Monday, April 14, 2014

Flower Power...McCalls 6740 Pattern Review

A curtsy to those that blog regularly, I respect you sincerely.
Often times I feel like I am cheating all the bloggers that update regularly.  No one wants to have a relationship with anyone who only "takes" and "receives" yet never gives anything in return.  I have been blogging for a few years now, and yet I can still get through my entire site in a few minutes.  Now don't get mistaken, I am not trying to be like anyone else, I know that everyone is on their own schedule and pace for blogging.  However, in my personal case, I have all the wonderful ideas and projects to share, yet when I sit down to share, I go on a blogging adventure, never to return to my initial objective, that of posting my days blog.  
I like this modeling is getting much better.  It takes work blogging, but it is so satisfying, sharing with others that sew and design their own clothing.  Posing for photos comes especially hard for me, since I am basically deep down an athletic type of girl. But, it is enjoy.

Lets get to it, I did say this is a pattern review...

This dress was finished last year for a Craftsy fitting class I completed with Joi Mahon.  I had good intentions of sharing all that I had learned.  However, because this dress was made for an upcoming vacation to Antigua, I was in such a hurry, that I never got a chance to really get good pictures.  It was really important I share this particular project with you mainly because of all the extensive work that when into the fitting.

I used McCalls 6740, a fitted princess seamed bra-cup button front dress with godets a hi-lo shaped hem and thin straps.  The godets were shaped, so it was important to arrange them in the correct order for insertion since the front and sides were of different lengths because of the shaping.
After all the fitting and such was completed the dress went together really easily.  The fitting work was well worth it since I plan to use the bodice half as a halter top in later iterations of this pattern.  Otherwise, I would not have bothered due to all the lengthening and re-positioning of the bust seam lines that run through the cups. 
I literally had to redraft the pattern for the cups and reshape it so the "points" would go to the front of the dress and not "out" to the sides. Its almost embarrassing to share on a public format like this, but I have to remember, it not for so many trailblazers before me, paving the way for "share & share alike" blogs, I wouldn't learn so many great techniques myself.

I plan to make this dress again, or some iteration, however, I plan to further raise top necklines another inch or so....since, here I can see this might not be appropriate for a church function..I don't want to distract anyone. lol

Yes, that is a little skin showing....just says, I had a little too much fun with the photo shoot. 

I hope you all enjoyed as much as I enjoyed sharing with you.