Bernina Collaborations

With sewing being such an integral part of who I am and my passion.  I have been given the opportunity to enjoy the privilege of using one of the coolest, most precision sewing machines I have used, the Bernina 780.

Was this my first Bernina, of course not!  I have had a love for this brand machine for many, many years.  So to me, it was a confirmation, of my loyalty, that the folks over at BERNINA USA recognized my passion and how I could use it to share my joy of sewing.  I started with my first Bernina Serger back in 1985, which I still use religiously.  My next one was the Artista 640, which I also still use continually.

The collaboration we have is simple....I show you what I do on their machine, they allow me to enjoy the beauty of its technology for a set period of time.  I think its a great relationship.  In the spirit of full disclosure, I do not get paid for sharing with you about this machine, and all, I mean all my thoughts and information about this machine is mine and is not prompted by anyone over at BERNINA USA.

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