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Club Sew-To-Fit Learning Library

Personalized Online Fit and Design Membership Library of resources and instructional videos.

Go in depth with Andrea as she takes you step-by-step through the design, sewing and pattern fitting process to transform your current sewing into the fashion and wardrobe of your dreams.

Get the confidence you need to create beautiful garments with expert advice, tips, pre-recorded coaching sessions, and techniques. Your toughest fitting and design dilemmas answered with regular updates and new content all throughout the month.

Product Description

  • Recurring monthly subscription grants you access to the learning and resource library. Cancel at any time.
  • Gain access to the Club Sew-To-Fit Learning Library of sewing and design techniques, video demonstrations, and bonus tutorials and patterns.
  • New techniques, tips and video demonstrations are added throughout the month.


How Does the membership subscription work?

The subscription will give you full access to the library of content, including bonuses, and free patterns. Regular BONUS updates are sent to subscribers 1-2 times per month.   

When will I be billed?

If you sign up today you’ll be billed immediately for your subscription, the videos in the library and any resources will be available for your immediate unlimited use and viewing.  Thereafter, every month you will be billed every 30 days from your original sign up date.

How long will I have access to the current resources and Bonus UPDATES?

As long as you are subscribed to Club Sew-To-Fit Learning Library, you will have access to every resource that has been added to the library since you’ve joined.  If you decide to suspend your membership, you will loose access to the library and all its content and any bonus updates added while your were a member.  If you decide to reenroll, you will start receiving the then current bonus material and update, but only “while” you are subscribed.

Can I get previous Bonus UPDATES that were sent out before I joined?

Yes! All of Bonus Updates are available as a la carte purchase for our subscribers only! You will be given access to this archive of Bonus Update Material as they become available.  

How long will I have access to the resources and my Bonus UPDATEs?

You will have unlimited access to all resources and any Bonus Updates that have been upload or emailed directly to you since you joined for the duration of your membership.

How do I access my Library?

You just need to log into your account via the Gumroad phone app or desktop, and click on the “Club Sew-To-Fit Learning Library”  in your member section.

What if I sign up between Bonus UPDates?

If you sign up between updates, you get the very next Bonus UPDate to be emailed to members!  

What is your cancelation policy?

If you would like to cancel your subscription to Club Sew-To-Fit, please do so before your next bill-date; otherwise you will be automatically billed for the following month’s subscription. To cancel your subscription just log into your account and select ‘unsubscribe’. Remember, once you unsubscribe, you will lose access to all current and past bonus content in your feed. You will still have the ability to log on and re-purchase each bonus Update a la carte.


How do I log in?

Head over to our log in page and enter your email and password you signed up with! From there you should be able to view your Feed and access all available content.

I need to update my account or billing information

Subscribers can log in with the email and password they signed up with to edit any account information in the settings menu. Once logged in, hover over the settings tab in the upper right hand corner and select settings.

How do I reset my password

Go to the reset password page and enter the email address you signed up with. You will then receive an email with a link to reset your password.

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