Hello, my name is Andrea. Thanks for your interest in my little slice of the internet world.  

Sewing has been an inspiring and absolute passion for as long I started choosing my own clothes to wear.  My Mom is the only one to whom I attribute my love of sewing.  Since I was 9 years old, I have enjoyed the art of sewing and creating my own clothes.  My desire and passion grew beyond my own Mothers ability to satiate my desire to learn, thus, sparking my need to take classes outside of my home.  Once I made it to high school, I took every sewing and creative class offered.  I participated in every activity related to the craft, and even every art class, drawing class and other art outlets available.  By the time I was 20, I desired to learn about tailoring, which was to me the hard stuff.

Before I knew what "blogging" was, I was a YouTube junkie.  I enjoyed so many people taking the time to share, inform, teach, and inspire. Cooking, home repairs, organization, hair care, sewing and the like, were all of interest.  From there, following a few links, I discovered sewing, craft, and DIY blogs.  My first couple of blogs that inspired me the most, were ones that shared just raw tips and techniques to get me up to date on the latest and greatest.  I did not care who people were, what status they had in the sewing world, either online or off, I needed inspiration and a jolt back to my passion.

When I found bloggers doing their thing, I was inspired to go beyond my own "walls" of my sewing world and into cyberspace, where I have found some really talented people.  Personal meetups and sewing activities are still the first interest for me.  But, connecting with sewist (a new word for me) in this online community and continually learning and sharing is a wonderful outlet for my creativity driven soul.

After many years as a professional seamstress, I desired to see what the other area of “fashion design” was all about.  Thus, I sought to learn what I could about the pattern-makers, those who created the patterns from which I depended on for my fashions.   I set out to “understand” the technical aspect of this craft, to take my skills to another level.  So in 2008, I retired from Human Resources hat, and went back to school to study fashion design and pattern-making at Houston Community College, which is also where I received my certification in Men’s Tailoring, and dressmaking.
I discovered a fire in myself to fully understand the fitting process of patterns and to go on to teach as much as I can, and as many people as I can.  At this point, I don't necessary sew professionally anymore.  My passion is to teach, share, spread my excitement and help where I can.  In order to speak to the masses, I decided to began blogging in 2009, a term totally foreign to me at the time.
This blog is a somewhat chat based sew-n-tell format, with a few help-alongs sprinkled in when I am inspired to teach electronically.  Videos and tutorials are what I would like to get better at delivering to you.  I thoroughly enjoy the interaction found among others who sew, preferably in person, but online when I am inspired.

My teaching style is pretty relaxed, which I think really helps to ensure each of my students, whatever your age, will successfully sew every garment with confidence and ease. I know fitting plays a large part in sewing, but it shouldn’t hinder you from getting started.  That’s why I concentrate on coaching you on all aspects of sewing and garment construction from beginning to advanced, with one of my main goals to help you demystify the fitting and sewing process, without over perfectionism.

Instagram is my constant activity outlet, but you can read my blog to get more in depth details of my creations.