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Work Journal:

Tuesday, February 12, 2017:

Hello again, yes, I have been quite busy doing all that is Sew-To-Fit.  

Sunday, February 12, 2017:

Lately, I've been focusing on keeping my promises in every area of my life. This being so, has made it important for me to take more time getting everything complete while I retrace my journal steps and check all the promises I have made over the last year. There has been much I have allowed to fall through the cracks. Currently, I'm completing communications on a collaborative effort I initiated last summer.

As for the patterns, I have hired a graphic designer to help me. They have completed one of my technical drawings so far. But, with help I have realized I must wait until my work is completed on their schedule. I have a hard time waiting. If I was capable I would just stay up all night getting it all done myself. Which of course would only lead to my health suffering again. Here is the

Tuesday, January 24, 2017:
Illustrating and designing goes into pattern design for home sewing patterns.   A lot more than what you need to do when designing patterns for the industry.  Make everything look pretty and easy on the eye of the home sewing.  Lots of information for the patterns far beyond that of patterns for manufacturing.  It's more like a Tech Pack.  Something I never had to do.  What is a tech pack? you say?
Google Image

Google image
In this case for home sewing, all that information we took for granted, or rather I take for granted has to be included in the pattern.  But I did create a place to put my free patterns for now.  More on that later.  

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Today I spent a great deal of time on the "Destiny" pattern.  This shirt pattern was draped with you all on Periscope and work was begun then.  I was gonna take the video down cause I was worried someone would steal my idea, but, really I am copying another design.....LOL...  So goes the fashion industry right?  

Any way, I spent a great part of the day realigning the match points with my sloper in preparation for grading.  I am using my size 12C sloper as a base for grading.  Thats a size 12 Bra Cup size C with a finished measurement of .    The measurements are lining up surprisingly considering I draped the top on an adjustable dress form.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Spent a big part of my day, practicing my sketching and creating graphics for my patterns.  This stuff is totally no fun at all.  I HATE it, did I say I HATE it.  Oh well.  Still going strong though.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Today I did quite a bit with back office work....including cleaned and cleared some serious issues with my digital filing system.  Also, I was able to get my first newsletter delivered to my email list. """Hoot Hoot!!!"  So excited about that!!!  Thanks for signing up for email everyone.  

Pattern making was continued for and the pattern names were determined....currently I am working and have a few people testing the following. 
  1. Destiny- a shirt
  2. The Pixie- another shirt
  3. Journey- the denim skirt below and here..

Monday, January 16,2017,

I'm still pattern testing.  I have to say this process is the most tedious and an area that I personal need to really stay the course.  As an adult with ADD, it is really very difficult to do anything else, including eat, when I have something that draws on my mental resources so deeply.  I am frightened and excited to finally be getting to this stage in my process, since I really, have desired to create sewing patterns for a very long time.  The pictures here show the testing of the "The Journey Skirt" pattern where I audit the truing and matching of the pieces down to the closest millimeter.  Every bit counts, especially when making sure the pocket bag doesn't get caught up in the side seam after it is sewn.
 Here, I am checking the kick pleat for accuracy and functionality for the skirt.
 Fitting matter more than anything.
 And then there are the testing patterns for folks to sew up to check my work.  This is like sewing the pattern yourself, and the feedback is invaluable.
January 12,2017-  
Today I'm still working to test the denim skirt pattern I designed 2 days ago.  This pattern is coming along pretty well and will be ready for grading after I test the fit and technical details for a well matched pattern.  This process is called auditing.  
The first broadcast are here:
 Click image to watch.


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