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Sewn Confessions

I love to sew, but even more I love to talk with others about sewing and designing, and pattern making. Sewn Confessions is what I will start calling this type of post. Sounds good to me... Do I have something important to say, is it worth your time reading my post. I say maybe we all need to know that we aren't the only one that "thinks" what we are thinking, or experiencing the trials of our art. Why else would we be blogging. Is it just to post the fun, the beautiful, the lovely, the "completed" fruits of our labor?  I think not.  My DH asked me tonight, "What is it that these ladies do at 'home' all day?"  Do they just sew?"  I have to admit, since I work from home, he must think all of you are home all day too.  With respect, he also lacks long term memory of my days working and dealing with kids, and staying up all hours of the night sewing, and prepping for the next day.  I seem to remember sewing using the Nancy Zeiman book, Se

What next...

I suppose joining in on a trend isn't too bad.  I have never been much of a follower, but now that I see this jumpsuit, I just can't resist.  Thirteen hundred dollars ($1,300) is a lot of money for a garment.  When you sew and can draft patterns, you look at this jumpsuit and immediately say to yourself, "YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING!!! ARE THEY SERIOUS???!"  But after further consideration, you recall the work and design knowledge needed to put in the work of custom making one of these yourself.  After that you say, OOOO....K... it's maybe worth a bit if it was custom made for my body.  But STILL, is the thread of gold or is the fabric hand painted?  What can justify the cost?  Come on people, please! And, on I search for nice things that I would say is justifiable in cost and quality....the hunt is on.  Then I come upon the following... something I had already began plans to make from my BWOF 6/09... And I can even splurge on the fabric and still save in compa

I'm SEW Room-ing embarrassed....

Well the title sounds good.  But the reason for this post is to remind myself, that when my creative juices start flowing, I still have to remember to stop and do what I hate the most...clean up.  I kick up more dust when I work that until I've taken a break, I don't really see the mess I've made.  Whew!  This IS bad.         This is where I sit and sew when I am doing construction work.  So, I guess the only reason I don't notice the rest of the room, is because this is kinda quaint.  I like being put into the corner to work.   Just last week this room was really clean.  I must not have had anything to do, or maybe, I just didn't "see" it.  Seems everytime I really, really want to get some work done, I can't find what I'm looking for. (Wonder why? Right?)  lol.  I know this is shameful, but I guess when we really stop to look behind once we've been really sewing, we can see the "dust" we kick up in our wake.  Hence the reason we

My Creative Mojo is coming back!!!

Ok, I GOT IT!!!!  It's coming back and I LOVE it.  Wow, it seems that when I say it aloud and tell the world, I just start sewing.  What a freeing experience it is.  In the last few days I have made a dress for my grand daughter, a self  drafted blouse, a redesigned work shirt, and a dress, Simplicity 2281. Self Drafted Linen Blouse  The purple white blouse was fun to make.  The ruffles were not planned out to the letter.  But I'm happy with the blouse.  I did finally remove the darts, I just couldn't get them to fall right after I put it on and tried to adjust them there wasn't enough S.A. to move them.  So I just gathered the sides and it worked out great.   This is the perfect go-to dress for running about the house.  I took the old work shirt in a size XL-T and used one of the sleeves as the pockets.  I used the other sleeve hem as the back yoke trim to transition to the gathers.  I used a strip from the leftover sleeve to do the same seam finish in the fron

Invasion of the REAL WORLD...

As I continue on my quest to find personal direction for my sewing and to get "back" to my old self, I catch myself perusing the world wide web for inspiration, direction, ideas, instruction, and anything that will help me out of this funk that I call "Brain Fog."   My once organized, well laid out daily life is now a basket full of "ugh what do I do now?" questions.  My only since of stability and sanity has always been my sewing.  The ONE and ONLY thing I could do ALL by myself, divoide of all others and with no interference I had complete control!!!  Sewing is my meditation.  Anyway, to think when you are creating, is to analyze, and to analyze during your creative hour is paralyzing.  Nothing gets done. So now I say my place of escape has been invaded!!!  Not good.