I'm SEW Room-ing embarrassed....

Well the title sounds good. 
But the reason for this post is to remind myself, that when my creative juices start flowing, I still have to remember to stop and do what I hate the most...clean up.  I kick up more dust when I work that until I've taken a break, I don't really see the mess I've made.  Whew!  This IS bad. 
  This is where I sit and sew when I am doing construction work.  So, I guess the only reason I don't notice the rest of the room, is because this is kinda quaint.  I like being put into the corner to work. 

 Just last week this room was really clean.  I must not have had anything to do, or maybe, I just didn't "see" it.  Seems everytime I really, really want to get some work done, I can't find what I'm looking for. (Wonder why? Right?)  lol.  I know this is shameful, but I guess when we really stop to look behind once we've been really sewing, we can see the "dust" we kick up in our wake.  Hence the reason we must stop to regroup regularly between projects. 

Looking closer, I can see some of the leftovers from the projects I completed last weekend.  As I look back on this picture journal, I realize that I must have been switching mental gears a hole lot.  Wow! "Sidetracted" for sure. 

I have several areas of stress that may cause serious problems when trying to get something done.  First of all, I don't have a really good way to manage my patterns.  Secondly, they are all over the place... literally.  This is a totally different room of the house.  My family must really love me.....
Third, I have not clear cut project organization system working...
Fourth, my closet is a holy mess.  The stuff is literally sitting on top of the organization bins that I bought to get organized....

Ok, Ok, I'll stop bashing myself.  I have one really good excuse!!  I've been lazy. lol.  Aaagh, well I thought that would be a good way to put it, but when I write, I tend to evaluate myself at the same time.  Thereby, retracting any lame statement or excuse I try to utilize in my attempt to justify my mess.  But non of my attempts work.  I'm too smart for my own self.  Can't get anything over on me. Right? (heehee!) 

Well its obvious I do have a system in place. ....note the bins overhead and the magazine and file holders.  I just have to get it all back in order, and start planning my work.  Not just diving in and going at blindly.  Get a routine working through each project. 


  1. Don't feel bad, my sewing room is a wreck too, but I never feel guilty about it

  2. It's okay. Sewing rooms tend to get like that. Your not alone. :)


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