Invasion of the REAL WORLD...

As I continue on my quest to find personal direction for my sewing and to get "back" to my old self, I catch myself perusing the world wide web for inspiration, direction, ideas, instruction, and anything that will help me out of this funk that I call "Brain Fog."   My once organized, well laid out daily life is now a basket full of "ugh what do I do now?" questions.  My only since of stability and sanity has always been my sewing.  The ONE and ONLY thing I could do ALL by myself, divoide of all others and with no interference I had complete control!!!  Sewing is my meditation.  Anyway, to think when you are creating, is to analyze, and to analyze during your creative hour is paralyzing.  Nothing gets done. So now I say my place of escape has been invaded!!!  Not good. 


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