My Creative Mojo is coming back!!!

Ok, I GOT IT!!!!  It's coming back and I LOVE it.  Wow, it seems that when I say it aloud and tell the world, I just start sewing.  What a freeing experience it is.  In the last few days I have made a dress for my grand daughter, a self  drafted blouse, a redesigned work shirt, and a dress, Simplicity 2281.

Self Drafted Linen Blouse
 The purple white blouse was fun to make.  The ruffles were not planned out to the letter.  But I'm happy with the blouse.  I did finally remove the darts, I just couldn't get them to fall right after I put it on and tried to adjust them there wasn't enough S.A. to move them.  So I just gathered the sides and it worked out great. 

 This is the perfect go-to dress for running about the house.  I took the old work shirt in a size XL-T and used one of the sleeves as the pockets.  I used the other sleeve hem as the back yoke trim to transition to the gathers.  I used a strip from the leftover sleeve to do the same seam finish in the front.  It just looked better that way. The armholes were shaped from the removal of the sleeves.  I cut them off to the inside by about an inch to a total of 2 inches on the sideseam.  The hem of the shirt tail was folded up to match the front.

Simplicity 2281 Dress View C, with alterations
  The dress was fun to make.  I used a lightweight linen, cut the pattern in a size 14 at top and graded it from the yoke to the hip to a 16.  I straightened the hem, although I may go back and taper it in again, since the red skirt tapered look is nice on me.  I lined the entire dress. 

Simplicity 2413, Skirt with embroidered border
 I'm also modeling the Simplicity 2413 skirt I made last year.  It was way too big then and now.  But when I put the belt on tight it gives it more of a cinched waist which I love.  I like to "feel" something around my waist.


  1. It is liberating when the mojo is at pull force. You've made some beautiful garments. Keep it coming.

  2. I have both of these patterns and I've been leary about making them. But,seeing yours has renewed my confidence...I will revisit them. You look great!!

  3. You look great mom! ARD loves her dress! We are for sure going to need some summer outfits soon! I like the dress you have on! Who took that picture!

  4. You look great mom! And adrihanna loves her outfits and that dress in the pictures! Great work!


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