Monday, June 20

My Creative Mojo is coming back!!!

Ok, I GOT IT!!!!  It's coming back and I LOVE it.  Wow, it seems that when I say it aloud and tell the world, I just start sewing.  What a freeing experience it is.  In the last few days I have made a dress for my grand daughter, a self  drafted blouse, a redesigned work shirt, and a dress, Simplicity 2281.

Self Drafted Linen Blouse
 The purple white blouse was fun to make.  The ruffles were not planned out to the letter.  But I'm happy with the blouse.  I did finally remove the darts, I just couldn't get them to fall right after I put it on and tried to adjust them there wasn't enough S.A. to move them.  So I just gathered the sides and it worked out great. 

 This is the perfect go-to dress for running about the house.  I took the old work shirt in a size XL-T and used one of the sleeves as the pockets.  I used the other sleeve hem as the back yoke trim to transition to the gathers.  I used a strip from the leftover sleeve to do the same seam finish in the front.  It just looked better that way. The armholes were shaped from the removal of the sleeves.  I cut them off to the inside by about an inch to a total of 2 inches on the sideseam.  The hem of the shirt tail was folded up to match the front.

Simplicity 2281 Dress View C, with alterations
  The dress was fun to make.  I used a lightweight linen, cut the pattern in a size 14 at top and graded it from the yoke to the hip to a 16.  I straightened the hem, although I may go back and taper it in again, since the red skirt tapered look is nice on me.  I lined the entire dress. 

Simplicity 2413, Skirt with embroidered border
 I'm also modeling the Simplicity 2413 skirt I made last year.  It was way too big then and now.  But when I put the belt on tight it gives it more of a cinched waist which I love.  I like to "feel" something around my waist.