Sewn Confessions

I love to sew, but even more I love to talk with others about sewing and designing, and pattern making. Sewn Confessions is what I will start calling this type of post. Sounds good to me...

Do I have something important to say, is it worth your time reading my post. I say maybe we all need to know that we aren't the only one that "thinks" what we are thinking, or experiencing the trials of our art. Why else would we be blogging. Is it just to post the fun, the beautiful, the lovely, the "completed" fruits of our labor?  I think not. 

My DH asked me tonight, "What is it that these ladies do at 'home' all day?"  Do they just sew?"  I have to admit, since I work from home, he must think all of you are home all day too.  With respect, he also lacks long term memory of my days working and dealing with kids, and staying up all hours of the night sewing, and prepping for the next day.  I seem to remember sewing using the Nancy Zeiman book, Sewing for the busy Woman.  How to get it done in 30 minutes a day.  But now that he has been home because of his ruptured achilles tendons, (yeah! both) he has been watching my every habit.  The sparatic sewing habit is revealed.  I nibble at my sewing all day, interspercing my sewing between home chores and office work, errands and the like as the day goes on.  Admittingly, though, it is hard having him here "all" day.  It's even harder making sure to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner ready.  You see, I'm used to dinner and leftovers.  He even gets snacks now.  HELP!!! My space has been invaded.

How did I remedy this blip..  I set up a sewing area at my Moms house.  I just gotta get out of here!  Don't get me wrong, I love my husband, but people please... Staying at home with kids is "not" the same as being home with your husband.  He Is Not working...just sitting and watching me and TV.

Anyway, back to sewing...What do we do all day.  Well, aside from taking care of our responsibilities, we "think" about sewing and fashion!  There you have it.  I don't do TV too much but IF I do, I watch for styles I'm interested in, like anybody else that sews or follows fashion.  Oh, and blog surf!

Sewing on....


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