What next...

I suppose joining in on a trend isn't too bad.  I have never been much of a follower, but now that I see this jumpsuit, I just can't resist. 
Thirteen hundred dollars ($1,300) is a lot of money for a garment.  When you sew and can draft patterns, you look at this jumpsuit and immediately say to yourself, "YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING!!! ARE THEY SERIOUS???!"  But after further consideration, you recall the work and design knowledge needed to put in the work of custom making one of these yourself.  After that you say, OOOO....K... it's maybe worth a bit if it was custom made for my body.  But STILL, is the thread of gold or is the fabric hand painted?  What can justify the cost?  Come on people, please!

And, on I search for nice things that I would say is justifiable in cost and quality....the hunt is on.  Then I come upon the following... something I had already began plans to make from my BWOF 6/09...
And I can even splurge on the fabric and still save in comparison. 
It takes "vision" to see design in a simple pattern.  But when you understand the basic concept of pattern design and details, the little things are easy to add.  . 

Not being much of a shopper myself.. catalogues and online stores are my best gauge to determine if what I'm making is worth the time.  You see I have to confess, shopping is extremely difficult for me.  It's time consuming because of my special fitting needs.  When shopping, I take a measuring tape to check items in the important areas of crotch, waist, thigh and bust.  This before I even waste time trying the garment on my body.  Because of the 10 inch difference between my waist and my hips, I have to be diligent to find the right style dresses and pants.  It is inevitable that I must take-in all my clothes in the bust area if and when they fit below the belt. (Am I singing to the choir?) 

Continuing on.... This lovely dress will make a great addition to my wardrobe.  I'm still not sure of the color.  I'm making it in a Ponte Roma Knit,

This is a Ponte Roma Knit from JoAnns.  Very soft and sturdy.

Its recommended to sew down the pleats for bustier figures.  I'll be leaving it as is.

BWOF 6/09- Shortened the front neckline. 
A light weight loose overshirt, Butterick 5355 in a nice rayon challie print.  So pretty.  This shouldn't take long.  I have cut the pattern and sized it.

Sew long....til next time.


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