I count today a success. Lingerie set sneak peek...

Summer is a good time of year for most.  However, when you have a burning desire to sew, and the sun is burning up outside, and you have constant company from your lovely grandchild, something has to give.  My sewing time has been sporadic at best. Although, I have some really good systems in place for what I plan to do, and I do actually get some things completed, those items that I get completed are actually GTD project components.  Not necessarily completing a "said" project can be daunting, however.  This is why I find it extremely important to keep a GTD list.  That way I know I am actually making headway on all these projects, although I really don't have any tangible item to show for the hard work I have put in for the day.

However, today was a fun and productive day, if I say so myself.  Besides taking care of the home office requirements, and babysitting...I actually cooked dinner.  Whoo hooo!  You see, I am not a domestic diva.. I'm just a sewing diva.  So, basically anything that I get done which isn't sewing related is a great accomplishment for me.  And of course a great treat for my family. (-: 

I finally ordered my much needed eyeglasses.  And for a trully good deal at Costco.  I even got a pair of prescription sunglasses.  I can't wait for them to come in, I so, so, need them right now.  Especially, since I lost my regular pair. 

Besides planning new classes for the Hancock where I will be teaching sewing related classes, I was able to complete a New Look t-shirt and a pair of panties and make really good headway on a new bra.  I throroughly enjoy making lingerie sets.  This is so fulfilling.  I will blog about those later, for now here is just a sneak peak...

This bra instruction book is from a class I took last year at the ASG conference in Atlanta.  I do plan to increase my skill levels on making padded bras as well.  However, at this time I want to concentrate on one type of bra at a time.  Thus far, I have graduated to completing a lace bra.  T-shirts are not necessarily a need for me, but the skills learned in completing the various necklines, and the resulting knitwear sloper that comes out of it will serve useful for years to come. 

All-in-all, today was a great day.  Productivity is important to me, especially now that school is gearing up to start and my sewing classes are just around the corner. 

So stay tuned for more...I really appriciate all my readers and hope to offer good content that will help you each time I post.  Even though of course, I must have my ranting times.

Keep it sharp..AD


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