When the going gets tough, the tough get Sewing!

..or so it seems for me. I have had a comparetivily bad week.  But, I don't see a reason to be depressed.  I am just eternally grateful that I have a hobby.  I celebrated by birthday with my dad (by adoption) on Monday. And invited him to my birthday party planned for Saturday, the 16th.  I still have to finish that  Vogue jumpsuit for the party.  YeePee, a great year older.  Anyway, on that same day my uncle died.  The next morning (Tuesday) I learned my dad (by adoption) has passed.  AAAAAAAGGGGH!!!!!! WFH is going on.  So, ok, it could be worse right?  Oh yes it can!!! cause by the evening.....I learn that my Stepdad is in the hospital from a collapsed lung.  Right, it CAN get worse.

So, being the trooper that I am, I don't want to be a burden to anyone, so I go to the one therapist I know can help.... "JoAnn's" 
She tells me all about the sales and that creativity is a terrific outlet for the day's woes. 
So I listen intently as I peruse the pattern books, and feel all the fanciful findings on the fabric isles.
I finish my therapy time, my 45/hour is up, time to get to the hospital.  But not without buying several fun items to add to my "gotta-get-it-done-someday" list.
And sew on we go, through life, trying everyday to see that all the parts of any thing is meant to be just where it is supposed to be.

But, for me again I find that sewing is my therapy.  The only thing I can control is which fabric to pair with a pattern.  So, I plan....
Cruise wear. 
The above is for wear on my upcoming December cruise...my inspiration.

And, still I plan....
...and plan, and prep...

Simplicity 2178
Self dyed linen blend in green apple by ritz.
Tracey Reese resort wear 2012.
Wait, my granddaughter is still here, she didn't get a change of clothes from home.  Thats o.k.  we can go to the sewing room and get her an outfit. 

Newlook 6797

The sewing continues......


  1. Aren't you glad you sew! Happy Birthday! I'm sorry for your loss. Loving memories of your adoptive father will last forever. Best wishes for your stepfather. Sewing soothes!

  2. Found your blog from your PatternReview post. I know full well how life can throw a lot at us at one time, but I think you'll find a way to cope. Sewing is a great way to keep some sort of equilibrium, and that cute little granddaughter must be a joy to sew for! Love her little outfit, nice job :-)

  3. Wow, that's a lot for anyone!!! So sorry for your loss.

    Happy Birthday and you're so correct, the best therapy is sewing! Love your dress the fabric color is beautiful!

    You and I are preparing for the same...I'm currently working on a wardrobe for my upcoming trip in November...good luck on yours!!!


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