Teacher Training, Jetlag, my whereabouts and fabricholism...

Los Angelas was my place to be last week.  I went for the Trained Sewing Instructor program.  Since I love what I do and enjoy more sharing what I do, I thought this would help me in my endeavors as the new instructor at our local Hancock Fabrics. 

I met a really nice group of ladies who shared my same goals.  This program offered more than I thought.  It was really packed full of clear business management materials.  I didn't really need to learn how to sew, just how to teach sewing.  And the program was right on point for helping me get organized.  Here are my fun classmates.

I stayed at the plush Millenium Biltmore hotel, how nice was that.  I even got to see some shooting of the show "Bad Men" while there.  I just kept running into important people, I was totally aloof!.  I didn't know these people. 

I don't watch much TV, so when I met the star of "Single Ladies" I got a chance to get a picture with her, but I still had to text my sister to get her name. """"Stacey Dash!""" What a trip!  You know you are a dressmaker when the only reason you stop to look at a TV show is when you are checking out the fashions.  Forget the storyline....what's that, who is that wearing that dress? are not questions I think.  My thoughts are more in the line, "man, where are the darts to get that dress to fit those curves like that?... 
Of course I participated in a little shopping in the Fashion District. Oooooh! was I overwhelmed. But, I was so on point with my plans and my shopping list. I had to have everything I bought shipped via Fedex, of course, I was not gonna pay for luggage on the plane.  Two boxes of goodies to be exact.  I just got everything in last evening...even though I was anxious to get my stuff, I needed this week to recover. 
I was so very tired after being in another time-zone for an entire 6 days. I had to recover from the jet-lag.
Well, since I know if you are reading this you must sew or have an interest, so without further adure, I will give you a little sampling of what I bought.
Silk, silk, and more silk, dupioni that is.  Oooh so sweet for only $13 per yard.  Yes, I have plans for it all.  Some of it is for my Mom too.
And the ooohh so lovely knits, only $2 and $3.00 per yard..my goodness... We are being so ripped off here in Houston. That camel is a nice wool blend for the winter. And the stripe is a really stretchy ??? ITY??? rayon knit. 

Then, of course, I had to get my swimsuit knits....
More knits for t-shirts and the like...

This stretch cotton poplin is so sweet and buttery.....Like feeling chocoate chips. 
Trims were at the top of my list for my LA trip...and Trims 2000+ foot the bill for that.  These collars and insets here in Houston can run as high as $50.00 each.  I paid a whopping $2.00 a piece.  Holy moly....what a deal.

While there I also had the opportunity to take in a class and shop the ASG Conference Exhibit Hall.  And, of course I came out of it with a few nice things too. I had to see my man at "The Wool House."  He always knows how to take care of my husband and step-dad's duds.  Just absolutely beautiful...
That blue and green small houndstooth will be my husband's outfit for the Captains dinner on our December cruise.  The light yellow is a wonderful buttery bamboo.  The blue navy herringbone is a silk/linen I plan to use for my Mom using a Louise Cutting Design...
I have never experienced Louise's designs until now....and I am really happy with what I saw at her booth.  Her choice of fabrics are to die for.  And all her patterns are just my Mom's style.  This will make it oh so easy to help Mom get her wardrobe organic and organized.  Why are those two words alike?  Hmmm.  Anyway. She is totally anti-poly and so all these natural fabrics suit her just well.

More bras...I just find that Anne, over at Needle Nook has better prices for bra and panty kits.  I am so into that.  If you can also see that little green and black sewing box in the background, that I bought at hancock for my Oldest daughter who helps me do all this sewing.  Cause there is no way I can get all I want done without some kind of help.  Of course that's why she gets all the free quick bathing suits.
 Pamela's Patterns, the Magig Pencil Skirt and the Perfect T-shirt will do just fine for Mom also.  She will find these easy to sew and of course, I already have the fabrics at ready for her to try out the new patterns I got her.  I find I really like how that Pencil Skirt is styled.  A quick 1 hour project. 
I had so much fun.  I got a lot of things done and was relaxed on this trip.  I consider it a great success. Now, I will be going into a sewing frenzy for the next few weeks as I prep my class samples and sew up more cutey outfits for my grand-daughter.  I'm almost done so far this week with two more outfits for her.

 I finished this last one before I left town.  She just came over tonight to show that she wore it to school. 
She has already placed another order for this cutey...I just can't keep up with her.
My table is full...but who's isn't.  That really is what keeps us going right?  Now, you all have a great evening.  I'm gonna get some rest and start my project planning sheets with my daughter tomorrow and pretreat as much fabric as I can.  This is gonna be a busy September.  "I can do it...aaah some of it."  LOL
Sew long....


  1. Wow you HAVE been busy! Congratulations!! Wish you much success in teaching your class! You DID go shopping. That's a fabric "high" right there! You got some GREAT stuff! Can't wait to see what you do with your collar trims and inserts! The jet lag photo....too funny! Take care!

  2. OMG, you have your hands full, but I see you walked away with some great stuff~ I can't wait to see the finished results. :)

  3. That class sounds amazing! I saw the photo with Stacey Dash and did a double take. Very cool that she took a picture with you. Even more amazing - that shopping overhaul you did. lol


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