Mimi G.'s Maxi Dress Tutorial

Maxi dresses are so much fun to wear.  In my case though I have aways avoided strapless and tube-like dresses.  Mainly due to the major mount rushmore of a change from my waist to my hips.  But the way that Mimi instructed us on how to construct this dress gave it new appeal for me.  I used a Rayon knit that flows so wonderfully. 

This is one of the fabrics I bought from the fashion district in California, back in August 2011 when I attended the ASG conference.
I am so loving this thing....I wore it all day with heals until my daughter came to get a few good pics for this blog. 
 Look how nice this thing flows and it is so slimming.  No matter how I stand it really does its job to make my curves nice. 

This is all I needed to get back my mojo...I have been a little busy with life, but not sewing as much.  So, this was just the juice needed to fuel the fire.  Next up will be a pencil skirt from Mimi as well. 

I have other items to share with everyone, but that will have to wait until I have more time to gather my pics and thoughts.  I do seem to be a little scattered when I'm sewing, so its hard to wrangle in my thoughts enough to document my actions as I sew.


  1. It looks good on you. I like it...I will have to look for that fabric...I love yellow and black together. Good to hear from you!!!

  2. Very nice! Love your fabric!

  3. Thanks ladies for your nice comments.

  4. I really like your fabric. The dress looks wonderful.

  5. Your maxi looks wonderful!! I'm trying to commit to a knit in my stash for mine.

  6. Shawntasews, all you have to do is close your eyes and feel the one you like. Having so may bloggers ideas, really cuts the pain of choice down for me.

    Leslie V..Thanks for the compliment.


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