The Ten Commandments of Hanging

Joan Crawford said, "NO WIRE HANGERS!!!!" before doing the unthinkable, and beating her daughter with one.  What made her so infuriated with the idea of wire hangers.  I would venture to say that, because of the expense of the clothes she bought, she felt that great care and work should go into the maintenance and upkeep of said clothing.

Of course there is no reason on God's good earth that a person should be beaten with a wire hanger for doing such a thing, or any other act.  However, if we consider the thought and hard work we put into our wardrobe; with the shopping, planning, researching and sewing, we should at least put just as much, if not more, into the maintenance and upkeep of said wardrobe. 

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Lately, I have been putting my time into organizing and purging my closet, as I do each season.  In need of a few things for said organization, I ran across The Ten Commandments of Hanging

These are good rules to follow.  If we consider the creative aspect, and the labor we put into our wardrobe, we should follow these simple commandments.


  1. First time I've read your blog. Great closet reminders.
    marciae from SG

  2. Eeek! Looks like the link isn't working for where you got it.

    But you could go here I think:

    Love it!


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