I'm Back....to tailoring.

Oh how I miss tailoring. For the last eight or ten years I have not tailored a single jacket or men's shirt. It comes so naturally for me, so why haven't I done anything tailored. After all, I have a Certificate of Tailoring from Design School, on top of many many years of experience with both men's and women's tailoring. From pad stitching to welt pockets, nothing intimidated me. One needs to first understand what it means to be a "tailor" today. (See Tailor vs. Dressmaker)

My departure may have come because tailoring in its true sense was not "in vogue" since the nineties. Thus, I concentrated on proms and daywear for women. I know dresses can actually be "tailored" in a sense, but I naturally lean towards a sport coat or jacket when I want to pull together an outfit. As for clients, they REALLY must appreciate the craft for me to break out the hymo-weft and shoulder pads.

I lingered in the shadows watching to blogger after blogger practice their skills at tailoring and participating in various sew-a-longs. Although I had yet to participate, until two weeks ago, I watched and dreamed, waiting for the day my long lost love would come once again knocking at my door.

Christmas 2013 brought something out in me! I made some men's shirts for my loved ones. Oh! How exhilarating!!! The task was so satisfying that I didn't want to do anything else.

I had hoarded these fabrics since 2008. I bought them at an American Sewing Guild conference in Atlanta. How about that for hoarding? 

Then Two weeks ago Peggy Sagers with Silhouette Patterns offered a free webcast jacket sew-a-long and ASG also offered a free tailored jacket sew-a-long.

There my love was, standing at my door, beckoning me to allow him in once more. I responded in kind and pulled out my green leather which I bought on a NYC fabric buying trip last year with Peggy Sagers.

More to come...leather jacket. Here's a sneak peek.

Until next time.. Thanks for reading.


  1. Those are wonderful shirts! I love to tailor too!

    1. Thanks Bunny. I love the tuts you have on your blog.

  2. Thanks Bunny. I love the tuts you have on your blog.

  3. Oh those shirts are superb! I too miss tailored garments although I'm an amateur and self taught and with nowhere near your skills! I'm happy to have discovered your blog! I'll be back.

    1. Thanks for following my rantings Diana. I like what I see over at your place too, so don't dismiss the skill you have.


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