Review: Not Your Basic T-Shirt McCalls 6797

Often times I have to get out of my box of simple style and symmetrical silhouettes.  It seems that when a garment is not even or symmetrical on both sides for me, I have a hard time feeling comfortable.  Another, fashion trend that is new for me is to use large print graphics.  However, after reading my regular blog roll, I was so inspired by the top Cennetta over at Mahogany Stylist shared with us.  Graphic prints!  Ok, I might be able to do this.
 Graphic Tee-
I found what I was looking for when I came upon the stash that Natasha at Sew Crafty Chemist shared.  This top was a true inspiration item, brought on as I continued to scour the net looking for ideas for a garment I would be comfortable with, and a graphic print fabric which I could get excited about and actually be able to wear considering my tendency towards humdrum prints and solids.
Sew Crafty shared this print she had gotten via mail order.  I wanted that print, but I hate mail order fabrics, I like to "touch" the fabrics I purchase.  Is anyone else like that?  However, SMFabrics Online store is here in Houston, so when I have the urge to touch, I can set an appointment to visit the warehouse.  The best of both worlds.
I found this particular fabric at Fabric Depot, while on a trip in July.  I couldn't wait to get back home to sew up something, anything!  But, I had to lay this fabric out and admire its graphic, and allow it to "speak" to me and tell me what it wanted to become.
It just seemed right, to use McCalls 6797, like a match made in fabric heaven.   My fabrics speak to me all the time, however, sometimes I just don't listen and end up with duds. Wouldn't you say your fabrics talk to you?

Pattern Details/Review:
Line Art
Not much to it.  Pullover tops (loose-fitting through bust) have neck band, front/back extending into right sleeve forming drape, shaped hemline and narrow hem. A: armhole band.

Let's talk about the sleeve and armhole- The sleeveless side is GREAT!  I love the way it hugs the body and curves right in under the arm.  Now the other side, not so much.  It just showed too much when the arm is raised. So here, I sewed up the edge about 6"inches, thus, creating a type of pocket under the arm.  Problem solved. 

No alterations were made, although a 1" FBA would have been useful in order to avoid crawling of the front towards the sleeved side.  I should have also widened the bottom opening a little so it would drape more freely over my hips.  I cut a straight Medium.

I tried it with the sleeve as well, but I wasn't happy.

The final verdict...I will definitely make another.  Just have to wait for another "wow" fabric.

Sew, until next time....


  1. Ok, I need this pattern! And I agree I like the version without the sleeve on one side. The print is what makes this look so current. Love it!!!

  2. 1lOVE it! I have some fabrics that will work well with that. Your's looks so awesome

    1. Thanks Becki. I need inspiration sometimes to match fabric to pattern too.

  3. Wow! The version without the sleeve is spectacular! And you and me both saw this fabric courtesy of Sew Crafty Chemist -- I bought it to cover a pillow, but found it all wrong for that purpose, so now it's in my stash.

    1. Wow, makingtheflame, it took the whole time I was look for this fabric to figure out what to make of it. Until I got it home and laid it out fully on my table did anything come to me. It takes time, but smh on the pillow lady. Don't do it.

  4. Adorable!! Love the fabric.

  5. I love your version - pattern on the fabric and the pattern are working so good toether! You gave completely different meaning to this pattern. This pattern is now on my list...

  6. Thanks redpointtailor, I had to get used to the one sleeve.


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