Simplicity 4192- More Vacation Sewing

Whenever someone say "let's go", the first thing I think is, "Do I have a new "me made" outfit to wear?"  That rush of adrenaline is intoxicating.  That's why sewing for my vacations, gives me such a feeling of satisfaction and direction.  But when I don't get the chance to wear my creations, it really disappoints.  This is one of those disappointments. 
I planned this super cute number to be worn with my husbands color-matched linen leisure set for our anniversary.  The wrap pants and kimono tie front top had been in my queue for years.  It is a Simplicity 4192 which includes your entire ensemble for a really nice beach getaway.  In my case, an anniversary dinner in the Caribbean.   (Didn't Happen!!  Aaagh!!)  
So, this pretty fun getup will just sit in my closet until the time comes when an occasion warrants it.  But not just any humdrum occasion will do for this set. 
I love how you can just wrap the pants up and tie them in the front, almost like a wrap skirt, but these come up from the crotch and tie in the back first, then you tie them at the back waist and then bring the back around and tie it to the front.  I roll hemmed the entire sides and hem of the pants using the roll hem foot on my Bernina 640 machine.  That saved all the pressing and turning.
I cut a size 14 for both the top and the pants, although for pants I usually cut an 18.  I didn't own the size 18, so I made alterations so they would wrap "totally" the way the pattern photos depicted with only a few inches of separation at the front.  
  • Raised the back rise by 1.5 inches,
  • Lowered the front by 1.5 inches
  • added 4inches total at the sides.  
The pants do not have a side seam, but it does have a dart.  So, that is where I added the 2 inches on each side of the back which wraps to the front.  I drew a line down from the waist to the hem and spread each side by 2inches.  I did not increase the front under wrap. 
 I could have gotten away with just a little more length, but since they are beach casual, I may end of wearing without shoes.

The fabric is a rayon, nylon burnout with a brushed finish.  It could get away as a gauze, but there aren't any crinkles.  So, I'm not really sure if it could be called a gauze.  But I am sure, it is extremely soft.
For the top, I did my regular 1.5 inch FBA.  I rotated the resulting side dart into the gathers under the bust, but I didn't like the amount of gathering which was created as a result.  So, before I gathered under the bust, I added two 1/2 inch darts to take up some of the access fabric.  It looks so much smoother to me that way, since I really don't like gathers at the bust anyway.
On the back of the top, I did a sway back adjustment and instead of gathers, I just pleated the excess.

The pattern also included the shorts in the same style as the pants.  I think another day, I will also make those and the knit top.  But for now, I will just keep this one hanging in the closet on standby until which time that special occasion rolls around.

More vacation sewing to stay tuned.

On another note, I will be posting my teaching schedule and contact information on a new page in my blog.  Sewing is my passion, and my mission is to share with as many people that I come in contact with, if only, to introduce them to a fun and fulfilling hobby.


  1. Hi. That outfit is so cool. I have that pattern and have never sewn it but now I want to! I don't have anywhere to wear it either but it would be nice to have if I get to go some place warm this winter. Love the color too. It looks very nice on you.

    1. Thanks Tammy, it was a lot of fun taking the pictures. I imagined myself on an island trip. I cant wait, and I will be ready when the time comes. You should get yours ready ahead of time too.

    2. I have been thinking about doing that all day. Trying to remember if I have anything in my stash that goes with my bathing suit.

  2. How fun and perfect for a warm fall. I love the lacy look.

    1. Yes, and our falls are warm...but I'm hoping for another vacation to roll around soon.

  3. That is a perfect vacation outfit. You look great in peach and the fit is awesome!

    1. Thanks Roz, its funny, but neither of us want to wear our outfits until we go on another vacation.

  4. This is so pretty. It reminds me of the Caribbean. Perfect outfit for a lady of leisure. ;-)

    1. Thanks Cennetta, You know if I could take my sewing machine everywhere, I may spend much more time traveling. I think that blogging these days is that kind of job where you can work literally from anywhere in the world!!!

    2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those pants. I have made at least ten pairs of them. The only downside is when you have to go to the bathroom!! These pants take no time to make!! They are so much fun to wear. I LOVE your blog!!! I love the color you chose!!


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