A Pencil Skirt to fall in love with.

Finally, the pencil skirt of my dreams.  Sassy, yet classy, that doesn't fit like a body glove.
There are so many ways to simply draft and make a pencil skirt.  Pencil skirt tutorials are all over You-Tube and the worldwide-web.  I have made plenty on my own, but what changes the game, is the one little detail that you don't think about on your own.  DARTS!!! on knit...Who would have thunk it!!!  
I guess that's why design houses have "Creative Designers", pattern cutters, and machine operators as separate job descriptions;  so that each can specialize in one thing and not have to think about all the many details that go into a garment.

Any way, I wanted that classy look that doesn't "cup" under in the back like a body glove.  Classy yet still just a bit of sassy. 

Pattern credit goes to Pamela's Patterns:  "The Magic Pencil Skirt" is for women with "real figures" it says on her site.  So, I guess that's everyone.  Includes a choice for a 1 1/2"-2" elastic waist or the 1".  DARTS!!, did I say Darts in a stretch woven or medium to heavy knit.  No need for a split.

It's a simple straight forward multi-sized pattern, that is extremely easy to grade if you need more than the 53" hip measurement.    

Alterations:  NONE!!! Well except for lowering the front at the waist, my common change on nearly every waisted skirt or pant pattern.  

Highly recommended!! 


  1. It's really pretty! I love seeing wonderful fitting clothes that don't look like 'body gloves,' So refreshing and "classy" IMHO. Well done!

    1. Thanks Linda. There are times, I have to admit, that fitted works for me, its just that those times have become further and further apart as I get older.

  2. This is perfect! Did you make the blouse? It works so well with the skirt...... Love the entire outfit.

  3. Sooooo...how do you really feel about those darts? Hah! Great skirt.

  4. The best make of that pattern I've seen. Lovely. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Looking fab! I love this skirt on you. Very flattering.


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