I just want to SEW!!!!

...these were the sentiments of my student from my class last week.  "This is way too much work, if I want to do this many alterations on a pattern, I might as well take my ready-made to my tailor." 

Compliments of Palmer Pletsch Publishing
I felt her pain.  This is the biggest obstacle to sewing for yourself.  It is all fine, when you are with others that can help you tweak garments, whether it be a personal tailor or in a class setting, you have to invest time in the garment before you can have the fit you desire.  Fit is a process, no matter ready-to-wear or custom.
Not everybody has a personal tailor, or like me, love to tailor my own clothes.  That's why taking classes in person is so helpful.  You have the chance to experience the process first hand with a guide to lead you and answer questions along the way.  It's nice to have immediate access to the online sewing community to get your questions answered while knee deep in a project.

This is my take on the need for in-person instruction and training for better sewing.



  1. Laying a good foundation is paramount (sewing or otherwise). Knowing how and where to make fitting adjustments is part of the sewing foundation to achieve a garment we enjoy. Thank you for sharing your knowledge on fit with us. Like your blouse btw. ;)

    1. Thanks Roz. I do gain a good deal of satisfaction from sharing.

  2. Hello Andrea,

    I am so glad I found your blog,

    I am always delighted to find other "lovers of all things sewn" on the web, especially one as inspiring as you :-)


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