Biking Down Memory Lane...a non-sewing post.

I have been feeling kind of nostalgic lately, whilst updating picture albums and working on my scrapbooking projects.  Sorting pictures and seeing all the fun times really makes me warm and fuzzy inside.
My sister treated me to a vacation in San Francisco a couple years back during December.  I was so excited to actually see all the wonderful things that San Francisco is known for, especially the "Golden Gate Bridge", which I discovered was not golden....duh!!!  Anyway, we had the opportunity to ride bikes across this beautiful bridge and experience it up close and personal.  
Sis is trying to control her  She was too short for the smallest bike.
We rode "electric" bikes on a tour of the side of the city to the bridge and across.  Of course you are forbidden from using "powered" devices on the bridge....but, every once and a while, we did hit the power button to give us a little push.  That was work riding all that way.
Based on the tour guides comments, we were really lucky to visit during a time where there was absolutely NO Fog to interfere with our view and the grander of it all.  I understand that San Francisco, especially the bay area, is prone to extreme fog/smog and so seeing the top of the bridge is a sight not even locals enjoy often during this time of year.
Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco, CA
We did complete tours of all the city had to offer, along with other areas outside the city, including visiting the wine country of Napa Valley.  This is where I realized I was actually interested in knowing and understanding wine, and learning how to drink it properly.
I was so intrigued with the whole process, that I even became a "club" member, and now receive regular wine shipments!!  OOOh I feel so "grown up!"  
Madonna Estates Winery Napa Valley, CA
I hope you have enjoyed this small trip down memory lane with me as I work on loading my online scrapbook in prep for all the upcoming sales that will be happening on Shutterfly after Christmas.  I'll be ready to press checkout as soon as the sales emails come rolling into my email box.
Alcatraz Prison, Alcatraz Island, CA
Touring Alcatraz prison.
I personally have only done one small digital photo book in the past.  This will be my first large scale project.  I want to give one to my sister for the entire trip.  I'm curious to know what type of scrapbooking you all or hardcopy?


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