My first Video Pattern Review: The StyleArc Amber Top...

Okay, now this is when you will really know whether what I have to share is worth your time.  Will you last to the end of the video?  Will you fall asleep less than halfway into the saga...or will you be so enthralled with the material that you are asking for more by the end of the first taping?

Red sequin Christmas top by (StyleArc Amber Woven Top)
Lights!!! Camera!! ACTION!!!
(For those of you who just hate hearing my voice, or don't have time to watch the video..a short pattern review snippet is at the bottom.)  Thanks for your support.  
Be kind y'all, because I had a lot of fun doing this video.  Way more fun than I had actually constructing the top.  Well, actually, thats a lie..cause I really like dealing with details.  I just get moody at times, and put things away for indefinite lengths of time.  Until, one day, I ran across it and realize this was something I actually wanted at some point or another.
sewing sequins on the Red sequin Christmas top by (StyleArc Amber Woven Top)
I was taking time to clear my photo files, trying to clean my computer, when I came across this picture....What is this? my question to myself.  Where did I hide it?  Who was it intended for?  Shoot!! I didn't even remember I had been working on something so pretty.  I checked the date on the picture...JUNE! you say.  What?  Now, I remember!  
Red sequin Christmas top by (StyleArc Amber Woven Top)
Side seams undone, bust darts badly located. A UFO!! Why did I not finish this?  The video will explain it all.  I hope you enjoy the lessons therein. 

Pattern Review:
Red sequin Christmas top by (StyleArc Amber Woven Top)

StyleArc Amber Woven Top has decorative overlay on neckline and down center front with optional piping color block.  
Fabric:  Polyester for the body, ponte knit covered with plastic squares that look like sequins from afar.

I cut a size 14, but it was way too big in the waist, so I needed some sort of dart shaping to make it not look so boxy.  After finishing the top, I had to go back and insert a zipper and several darts to get it to fit nicely.  

I really don't have a clue what style or body this top would look good on the way it is cut, without using a knit.  I just does not do the body any justice.

After an exposed zipper and some darts...this is one my most beautiful holiday tops.  Well, actually, my only holiday top.  So you may see this one more than once before the end of the year.


  1. Nice festive top and a great video.

  2. Super cute and a great holiday top. I can't seem to find the video, has it been removed?

    1. Thanks SewNewbie, apparently you have to watch it from the browser. I get it in my email also, and I just clicked on the blank space in the email. But the browser post is showing the video still. Thanks so much for your support.


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