Renfrew once again. My favorite "T"

I did an inventory of my wardrobe and found that nice t-shirts and button downs comprise the majority of my separates.  Well, nice to me...I don't actuall have lace ones just test..but that's on the burner.
Renfrew top by
So, I went to my studio to rectify the problem and this is what I came up with. another Renfrew. Go figure.
sewaholic renfrew top by
In my own defense, I settled with the fact that this version, view "C" has a cool collar.
... a different sleeve length. Lol. Does it help that it can be used as a hoodie if I were trying to protect the hair?
Renfrew top by
After I get my fill of t-shirts and button downs, we shall see where I go from here.  I am truly a creature of habit.

In the meantime another button down is in the works... This next one will be in a really luxurious, buttery  stretch 4-ply silk.
I have made it already for a Christmas gift and really LOVE it.  I used a poly georgette from Hancock.
Until next time, keep sewing.



  1. That is a great Renfrew and you will have so much fun wearing it. After sewing some garments I never wear just too fancy, I am going with the thought of creature of habit. I just have to sew things I will wear everyday.

    1. Thanks Lori...All the items that are really fancy, I tend to only wear on vacations. City life, I'm just more comfy with my basics.

  2. I finally broke down and purchased the Renfrew and hope to have my first done on Saturday! Your top is awesome! I too am a creature of habit!

    1. It actually just I simple top I could have drafted, that I just wanted to try...and now I consider it my knit sloper. You will love it once you get the armhole to your liking.


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