The 48 Minute Dress

I love the theatre.  Synchronized dance is my favorite, along with any comedy and mystery drama. Though, it seems to be more dependent on my mood at the time I see the season lineup.  This time it was the Radio City Rockettes Christmas Musical.  We ended up going after Christmas, even still it felt like Christmas. 
Although prepping for these events and choosing my outfit can be fun, it can also be problematic at the same time.  Deciding what to wear is alway difficult for me, especially, because some of the actual outfits I might want to wear, actually haven't been sewn yet! They are all in my head...LOL
Unless I plan the event "and sew" the outfit well in advance, it is disappointing when the time comes to get dressed.  These are the times that commentators can consider sewing to be a Track & Field event. A race to the finish line, over hurdles and around corners, against the best the field has to offer.  We "Sewist" finish strong!!!
The heat I ran in this day was "The "48 Minute Dress," Vogue 1314, a dress that has already passed the semi-finals for me and is on to the Hall of Fame in my book.  My coaches were my daughter and of course Mini-Me.  They encouraged and cheered me on to get it completed in time and out the door with time to enjoy the festivities, a leisurely stroll and a beverage before the show.  
Of course I couldn't leave my Mom out.  She was watching the race from afar and eventually joined us at the finish line to receive our honors.  We look so much alike it's beginning to get confusing when I edit my pictures on a small screen.  I need to start using an oversized monitor, especially when I haven't worn my glasses during the photos.

Making something so quick, though, comes with a few caveats in order for it to work in your favor. Including the following:   
  1. The pattern has to be pre-sized or fitted.
  2. The fabric has to be pre-treated
  3. The thread color in the machines need to match chosen materials
  4. All notions and supplies need to be part of your base stock.

Race Day Stats:

Underwritten by "McCalls Patterns, Vogue 1314" in size 14.
Starring fabric: Ponte Roma, purchased from "Marcorp Sales Inc" out of NYC. 
Hardware and race day equipment contributed by Bernina of America.
and last but not least....
Well known Athlete and fashion model the sewing diva herself......

Remember to tune in weekly for more races to the finish line.   As long as I sew, there will always  be some kind of timed event. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Adrienne...I feel like I'm due for another fabric buying trip.

  2. Beautiful women! The dress looks great!

  3. I know those eventful moments well. Nothing like a finish line. Timing and preparation is essential. Gorgeous dress. Beautiful family.

    1. Thanks Robin...also a nice dose of "confidence" in the fit.

  4. Girl, I am awe struck! I need ya'lls genes. Your mamma looks GREAT! All are gorgeous but mamma has me in shock! I also need your sewing skills or a FAITH BOOST because I could have all four points done and still took a trip to ROSS. LOL

    1. Angela, I burst out laughing when I read this comment. I scare myself sometimes when I pass in front of a mirror. I will be glad to give you a FAITH BOOST....I love to see folks get better at sewing and feeling confident. ROSS...naaaa!!! I can do without them...I'd rather wear the same "me-made" shirt 3 times in one week. You will get that way too once you get familiar with your fit needs and get a few basic patterns in the works.

  5. Well done! That is truly impressive to make a dress so quickly, and the fit and the print suit you so well. Your family is beautiful! I'm glad that you were able to wear your super fast dress to such a fun place in great company. ~Elizabeth

    1. Thanks Elizabeth. Actually, I think I like the adrenaline rush.

  6. 48 minutes!!! The only thing more impressive than your handiwork is your AMAZING looking mother, seriously! And four generations of lovely ladies all spending time together is such a blessing, yay for all of you!

  7. That was quick and the dress looks lovely. I liked how you compared it to a Track & Field event.

    Today, after church, I'm making a fitted maxi dress and I'd love to start on some pants also. I hate wearing RTW clothes. I've finally started sewing myself back into the equation, so it's now just a matter of making the time to do just that.

  8. Absolutely lovely, and very speedy!

  9. Ah how wonderful are the joys of sewing with a TNT pattern! The dress is perfect and I hope that you had a great time seeing the Rockettes!


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