Tuesday, March 17

Vogue 1395: Seagulls in Flight

Creating my own Sun and Sea with Vogue 1395, and a few Seagulls.  These seabirds have come to coexist with me in my fair land of sewing bliss.  No water here, or rocky perches on which to scout for food, but they are more than welcome to give me that since of outdoors, and ride on my back and shoulders as I move about.
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These fair seagulls were perched atop an end bolt at Hancock fabrics, and was just what I needed to get me to my "happy place." It had been too cold and wet outside to wear, but just warm enough to lift my spirits inside while I worked on other "stuff".
What a lovely dress. I am happy just looking at the color and flow, that I might need to have a "Biance" fan when I wear this beauty. -- I can't believe it took me so long to make it.  As soon as I bought the pattern last summer, I set right out to make the pattern corrections and alterations:::

  • Cut Size 14
  • FBA of 1" (The size 16 would have been too big with a finished width of 42.5", so the 40.5" of the size 14 suited my ease requirements better.
  • Front length increase by 1.5" tapering back to 1.25 at side seam to meet the back.
  • Added 1.25" to skirt back only and matched the side seam curve with that of the front.
  • Lengthened the back by 1.25" and 
  • made similar adjustment on the back overlay, only in the "back" section of the pattern, tapering back to the tie front portion of the pattern.
  • added 1/2" at the waist to meet the new skirt back.
So, basically, it has really just been sitting prepped and ready for the right fabric to fly into my life. The fabric is just a polyester georgette with a really nice feel and flow, just light enough for the wings to blow in the wind and heavy enough to keep the skirt down.
The construction of this beauty was fairly straight forward and simple.  Although, it does require you to pay close attention to the back details and adding the overlay.  These details make the dress.   Without them, it would just be a "mu-mu" with elastic waist, not something I would wear in this millennium.  (Meh, well, hold that thought, maybe I would.)
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Most of the time, fabric is the voice I listen to when deciding what to make next on my sewing list.  It always amazes me how most of you can look at a pattern and just know what fabric to use.  Kudos to the wardrobe planning gurus and stylist out there.
I don't know, but am I the only one who needs help not only planning my wardrobe, but also how to matchie-match fabric to pattern?