Graffiti Wrap Top

What are your clothes saying? Graphic prints and labeled clothing are all the rage, but do you take the time to find out what it all means?

With all the signs and ticket prices splattered all over, I thought it interesting what these quotes and quirks represented. So, I went traipsing the Internet to see what it all meant. 

"Reynolds Coliseum" N.Y.C. State Campus. Well, no such thing.
What I did find was-- Reynolds Coliseum- former home of the NC State Wolfpack, college basketball team. 
The Konbats-- turns out to be a place in the country of Myanmar, under the Shan State administration, between Bangladesh and Thailand on the Asian Continent. It was definitely a quick study in geography for me. 
Fabric:  Cotton lycra from my stash.  I got help on choosing the pattern from Andrea  Its good to meet new sewing buddies.  Thanks Andrea. She is a Burda Style enthusiast for sure.
Do you pay attention to the meaning and history of words places or events represented on your clothing? 

Construction notes:::
A fusible stay tape was used on shoulders and back neckline. 
I used a triple zig-zag at 2.7 length and .7 width for all the top stitches.

Pattern Alterations Notes:: Burda 01/2008 #116, 
traced a size 14/40.  The size 40 finished measurements:  bust 36.25, Waist - 29.25, Hip- 38.5,--  All changes were made using the Pivot and Slide method of Pattern alterations.

FBA- 1.5" to side using 3/4 swing out to gain the width.
Increase the neck of the wrap by 1/2
The underlay was only increased by 1/2" to keep it at a negative ease.
3/4" broad back adjustment and
Sleeve bicep increased by 1/2"

I measured these areas::-- front, back, waist length at side seam and bicep width, on the pattern and compared them to my body to determine additional amounts needed to make the fit I desired.  Keeping in mind that I wanted only 1" ease in the back and 0" ease up front. (This helped to avoid bra indentions showing.)::  Front, back, waist length at side seam ad bicep.
Conclusion:: I'm very happy with the top and will be sure to make another very soon. I can see it quickly becoming a mainstay in my wardrobe rotation. 


  1. Cute top and love the print.

  2. Yes I like your top too! Nice print.

  3. I love your top, great fabric!

  4. WOW! This is the perfect use for this fabric and the fit is spot on! I LOVE it!

  5. Awesome choice of fabric for an awesome pattern! :)x

  6. This fabric is gorgeous! I love the styling of this type as specially like it with your white pants, the length is really cute on it!

  7. I absolutely love your fabric!!!!! and you look amazing!!! I just stumbled across your blog and I love it..I'm a fan!!!!


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