Review: McCall's 7099- Jumpsuit craze, I'm feeling it.

I seem to have latched on to this jumpsuit trend. I can't get over how well put together you can look in one easy swoop. No guessing, the same as with a dress, yet legs covered. All that wrapped into one piece. Who knew?  Stylist are kinda smart I think.  They pay attention to everything, so people like me can pick and choose any of the latest designs to match our style and taste.

In this case, I have been trying out some new shapes. Shapes I wouldn't normally gravitate towards, were it not for this website, "Who What Where" giving me fantastic ideas for every occasion and taste.   This jumpsuit can even transfer into a little "Hammer Time" action.
The fabric is a lux silk jersey I got from New York on my vacation back in April. This fabric feels awesome, and ooh so comfy.  I can wear this jumpsuit dressed up or just lounging around the house, it's just that comfortable.  I didn't know silk jersey sewed up so nice and easily.
That pattern is McCall's 7099 .  Really easy to sew together with the following changes:
  1. Raised armhole by 1/2"
  2. took 3/4" off shoulder length
  3. Added scoop pockets instead of the inseam pockets in the pattern
  4. Topstitched the channel for the elastic instead of just having it hang loose inside.
  5. No FBA, cut a size 14
  6. Took out a 1/2" wedge at the front surplice neckline so it wouldn't gap
The bodice is extremely loose fitting...I even took out some fullness in the back so I wouldn't look like a quarterback.  This does make it a little more challenging to take on and off, but its better than it just hanging on me like a clothes line.
Shoutout to my daughter for styling my outfit.  Red shoes, I feel so Dorothy!  Y'all know I would have never, ever!! considered red shoes with this outfit.  So very cool.  All I need is a full-time stylist and I will be more diva-lishious than I already am, for sure.
On another note:  I hope you enjoy the new update and look of my online sewing space we call a a really nice lady off of the online store "Etsy" to pull it together for me.  Her name is Chelsea with Bellaluluink.  Don't worry this is non-sponsored, I just really liked working with her.  She made easy pudding of this mess of a blog I had going.  Like I said before...I SEW, that is all.  I do know my strengths.
My new logo and business cards were designed by Dena Jackson Studio, a really talented lady and extremely professional.

As well as with my skills and other areas in life, I try to improve and grow in knowledge and understanding.  Yet there are times I respect the craft and delegate more difficult task to someone more able than myself.  I have sought after professionals who's skill sets far outshine my own.  Anytime you have something or any services you like sharing on your blog, I am always grateful for the insight.  Online reviews are very helpful.  So, do tell about any services you have been keen to delegating to the more inclined mind.


  1. You are rocking that jumpsuit.... love the print.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. This looks great on you! You're making me seriously reconsider the jumpsuit - maybe I need one after all? Only I don't have a hip daughter to be my stylist!

    1. Nancy I say go for it. Now as for the stylist, that one is going to take some convincing of a friend or neighbor.

  4. Beautiful jumpsuit, you look great

  5. Very nice Andrea. Great fit too.

  6. Love this, and your 'stylist' did a wonderful job!

  7. Very nice, and your changes are perfect!

  8. The jumpsuit is awesome and the blog is really looking good!

  9. Oh yeah, you are rocking that! I love the print of the fabric. I love the new logo too, thanks for sharing the contact info too.

  10. Andrea, it was nice to meet you at MimiG's event yesterday. I love the jumpsuit style, the fabric print and the red shoes. What an awesome look! I like the longer and shorter leg length too, giving the outfit a different look.

  11. Oh how I love your jumpsuit. You look gorgeous! I met you on Saturday at the conference. We took a couple pics together and ironically I had on this jumpsuit and couldn't remember the pattern number and you told me what I had on. I will never forget that! So glad I found your blog. I just subscribed.


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