Another Year another Birthday Suit: Vogue 2937 Review

My birthday was last month, and a fine month it was.  To celebrate I attended a nice little Birthday Bash for those of us 40 and up.  This was my first time going to something like this with people "my age" in a sense.  Funny, that I would refer to these folks as a group...but it is different mingling in groups where the age range is too broad, the conversation topics change from "in real life" to "selfies and FB updates".   Although, I think I could have held my own amongst any group.
Oh yeah, this was another one of those, wait until the last minute to see what you will wear moments.  I don't know how to do it any other way.  Well actually, I do, but I choose to make rush outfits.  

 I know I am not the only one who makes better decisions for clothing under pressure.  Mind you, I did not say make better clothes--- I said, make better choices.  When given too much lead time to decide on the outfit for an event, and then to go all out with the fabric and findings choices, I tend to overthink, and second guess myself.  Although, the color was set, since it was an all-white event, the pattern choices were many, and the fabrications were all over the place.  Should I do silk, cotton, knits, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, you know the drill.

It was a toss up between this Guy Laroche Pantsuit- Vogue 2937, the Guy Laroche Dress- Vogue 2899, or the Donna Karan Strapless peplum pantsuit- Vogue 1076.  You see the one I chose.  It was easy to pick, since the dress was way too dressy for me and I wasn't feeling that high neckline in 100 degree weather.
The Strapless was on top of my list and would have gone very well with my white linen, or even my white dupioni silk.  Again, though, my reservations were only due to my tendency to feel just a tad more covered up on the top.  HAHAAAAA!!! you say, the peplum suit is no where near modest!!!!   HA---HA---HA!!! Well, with the changes I made, I think I was able to leave just a teeny bit to the imagination and keep it "Classy with a bit of Sassy."
The Bash was a classy affair for all birthday attendees.  I danced a few rounds and stayed cool because I lined the suit with a soft lightweight rayon knit, which is normally used for lining panty crotches.  (Go figure, right?)  A few of my friends and family came along to celebrate.  My sister was on point as usual in her RTW dress.  She can make anything look awesome.
I totally redesigned this jacket as follows:
  1. Front was redrawn to create an overlap for more coverage
  2. Drape Overlay- disregarded because it was too much fabric over the bust
  3. Front closure- became a center back invisible zipper because of the overlap
  4. Knit swiss dot lace mesh overlay on the bodice and back
  5. Sleeves- disregarded all together (mostly because I ran out of time...but it turned out it was better in the long run.)
  6. Peplum was self-lined as required but finished so all seams were enclosed 
Pattern considerations and alterations:
  • Lengthened the front by 1"
  • created an overlap at the center front of 2" which covered for the FBA
  • No true FBA was done as I had planned.
  • Took a 3/4" wedge out of back to avoid gapping.  (See right pic above..piece #5)
    The fabric is an Eileen Fisher Ponte knit.  The pants grew quite a bit as the night carried on, and became a little baggy compared to the photo I took before the night started below.  
    The movement put a little more pressure on the front closure, which was just a little tacking I used to keep it closed.  I had not thought out a solution to keep the front from going all the way to my navel.


  1. You look so glamorous. A daring V-neck AND a cut out back? You are killing it girl!

  2. Happy belated, you and the outfit are fab!!!!

  3. You look fantastic Andrea! This suit is gorgeous and so chic in white. Happy birthday!

    1. Thank you Stephanie...I still remember the fun we had for my 50th when I visited. Blogs sure shorten the distance in time and space.

  4. Happy Belated! My birthday party last month was all-white also lol
    Loving all of your open back garments!

    1. Thanks Tasha... All white parties are tuff to be original.

  5. You are radiant! Glad you and yours had a fantastic time at the party.

  6. Sorry this is so late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I can honestly say I've never looked as good as you do, and doubt I ever will -- keep killing it! :) Also, how did you support 'the girls' in that backless top? I've long wanted to wear that sort of style, but have not figured out how to stay perky without a bra.


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