DIY Embroidered Gauze Blouse- Simplicity 1162

No fancy, dressed up pictures here today.  Just a relaxed day, showing just how much rest I need right now.  I made this new top for sitting in the breeze and enjoying the fresh air from the back porch.  Gauze and relaxation, for me, go hand and hand anytime of year.  It's an oversized, comfy top.

I knew I wanted blue as my base embroidery color.  This color just feels cool and calming.  The bright creamy white of the cotton gauze is comfortable in the summer heat and protects you from he sun rays when out and about.
Being such a casual look and yet so stylish, it makes easy fun when you want to have a roomy uninhibited outfit.  Yes, I do wear oversized clothes.
Contruction Details:
Initially, I had the facing piece as a larger underlay to help highlight the embroidery, but it just didn't look right.  Also, because I tore the stabilizer, I ended up with a hole in the front which needed to be camouflaged.  This is some really thin fabric.  Extremely comfortable.
When I tried taking out the larger facing section, I created a tad bit of a tear...the fabric is almost cheesecloth gauze.  One thing after the other right....oh well.  I did persevere to get the look I wanted.  All the flower embroidery designs were standard on my machine...the BERNINA 780, which I have on loan.  The decorative stitching was done on my personal machine the BERNINA 640, which I bought myself.  If really was an afterthought that I added while out of town.  I carry my B640 on trips to the vacation condo whenever I leave town.
 Anyway, after cutting the facing down, and re-sewing it to the smaller one, it gave a much nicer and cleaner look to the front, that actually highlighted the embroidery a little more than I had anticipated.
This was my first time doing embroidery on such an extremely gauzy sheer fabric.  I learned a few tips along the way....
  1. Use a good self adhesive tearaway- wash away stabilizer in the area to be embroidered.
  2. hoop the stabilizer only, not the garment piece because it may stretch the gauze 
  3. gently adhere the fabric piece over the stabilizer securely
  4. when done, do not wash the stabilizer out until you are complete finished sewing the garment (This I learned the hard way....because the fabric became very difficult to handle, and can cause tears.)
  5. Use the gold embroidery needles, they have a coating that doesn't stick to the adhesive.
Pattern Details:  
Simplicity 1162 was used as my base pattern with the change in the facing only.  Simple and too the point.  I cut a size 14 and did not make any pattern alterations.
 Simplicity 1162- pattern
I have worn this several times already, I did not want the sleeves to have any elastic.  I may go back and add some shirring at the middle of the sleeves though, so it won't get caught in anything.
BTW...Don't forget to check out my YouTube videos on fitting shirts this month.  My IRL (in real life) sewing group is still working on the Iconic White Shirt.  
So my videos will help you work out fit issues for the different body types.    This is the playlist for the videos.
Last week was the Petite, RECTANGLE: with Balanced on top and bottom, but boxy, with little or no waist definition. body type.  And this week will be the THE TRIANGLE: Small bust and/or narrow shoulders with full tummy, hips, or thighs. 

Until next time....thanks for following along.


  1. Very nice Andrea. I think gauze is such a nice fabric to work with. I also like that you didn’t add elastic to the sleeve. I like how it flows. You leave me inspired with your embroidery work. Well done!

    1. Thanks Debora. That elastic on the sleeve bothers me when I want to just relax in my clothes.

  2. Gorgeous top and love the embroidery detail

  3. Really pretty. I have a 640 too. Love the embroidery on the gauze ... must get brave enough to try this!

    1. Thanks should go ahead and try it..I was actually a little fearful at first.

  4. Very pretty shirt. I love the embroidery. So soft and feminine.

  5. I want that top. Tee Hee. Thank you so much for the introduction. I already know, though. But now others know what to expect from your blog and videos. Great job. PS. I just call you if I have a problem. Wink, wink.

    1. Thanks Cennetta....shhh...dont' tell anyone you have the inside track. Lol.

  6. Andrea, this is just BEAUTIFUL!!!! I would have thought your purchased this at a high-end retailer! So pretty and well done!

    1. Wow Sue!! Thank you very much. I have always liked the Boston Proper embroidered clothes. So this really is a nice compliment.

  7. How cute and relaxing looking. Love it.

  8. What a gorgeous top! very much the kind of thing I love too! I love the breezy look of it, would be so nice on a hot summers day. The embroidery really lifts it up to the next level; actually I like everything about it! :)

  9. Your gauzy top is perfection! I'm more than a little in awe of your embroidery skills Andrea! It's refreshing to see the sleeve embroidered well above the cuff line...adds a couture look. I'd love a top like this paired with heavier weight gauze pyjama pants!


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