I'm teaching at Jo-Ann's Fabrics (Shameless Self Promotion)

That's right, yours truly has new sewing classes scheduled to begin this Saturday, September 19th, at Jo-Ann's Fabrics near Memorial on Katy Freeway, in Houston.

Beginner:: Learn your machine and how to stitch basic seams.

Also, Children's::

Follow the link to register on their website. Click here to register at Jo-Ann's website.

Fitting classes are scheduled for November 7th and December 10th. Stay in the loop and sign up for my email newsletter notifications right to your inbox.
Download the flyer.

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    1. Thanks Tee. I've been trying to get in store for a year now.

  2. How fun! They've got the right person for the job too! Enjoy!

    1. Thanks ma'am....I am so looking forward to it. I already have my granddaughter registered in the classes. She loves sewing "groups".

  3. Congrats and good for you! I've been asked by my JoAnns a couple times but I'm much too shy!! I admire your doing it and hope it's a blast. I know you'll do a great job with the classes.

    1. Thank you Coco. We shall see how this goes. I know they don't pay much, but it seems like a good change of pace from being in my "quiet" sewing room all the time.

  4. Have a great class today!! :)


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