Just a Plain old White Shirt: What Makes it a Classic

The hardest thing I have done lately is make this plain Classic White Shirt and this plain white t-shirt. What is the big deal, why do I need these bland pieces in my wardrobe? They are hard to keep "white". Plus, I am a lover of all prints and geometric designs. Sewing solids or even buying solids is one of the most difficult and boring types of sewing I can do aside from making pants. So, when my wardrobe consultant insisted I hunker down and get it done, add more base pieces, I went kicking and screaming off to my sewing cave to do as I was told. The results were, to my surprise, very satisfactory.
Now I have a simple yet extremely versatile top to wear with all the printed skirts I own.
This, to some of you, may sound ridiculous, but for me I just do not plan my wardrobe sewing. I buy fabric, pick patterns and dive in totally based on my mood. It's who I am.
My sewing is freedom to me, the break I require to stay sane in an otherwise cookie cutter existence. So, doing or sewing what everybody else is sewing bothers me to no end. White shirts are all over the fashion scene. I hate trends. Trends remind me of that high school cliche that always dressed alike with their little ties around their necks. Uugghh!!! Lord help them!
Now here I am, falling in, rank and file. It took everything in me not to add some kind of embroidery, or multi-color buttons, or contrasting top stitching to set this puppy off.
But I get it now, versatility!! Let the pairings be my pops of color. So, off I go now planning my accessory purchases in order to add the pops of color I so desperately need in my wardrobe.
I will continue with more "base" wardrobe staples as I am directed. Next up, I am told, is that so called LBD, the little black dress. Why does it have to be little? Is there a funeral in the horizon? Oh well, stay the course my dear child. You will understand soon enough.

Construction Details:
The pattern is Vogue 9029. I cut and sewed a size 14. I made a video also with a size 16 just to show you how I tissue fit myself and compared and explained the size differences and when to choose a larger size here.


I made a 1 1/2" FBA using the seam method.
Lengthened 1" at the waist
Added 3/4" to the sleeve width
All my alterations and fitting details are shown in my video here.

It's part of the Wardrobe Fit-Along I have been doing with my IRL sewing group.

I even filmed a tutorial for you on working with sleeve caps and easing the set-in sleeve fullness without basting here.

Thanks for reading....

Until next time.


  1. That picture of you laughing is fantastic. What a good job on that shirt, fits you beautifully. It may be basic, but the pairing with the brown and white skirt is definitely not boring.

  2. I am in need of a great princess seam shirt and I think you found it for me! You top it beautiful, and you look lovely! Great job.
    Bonnie @ www.sewplus.blogspot.com

  3. Oh I love it! I plan my sewing just as you do--whatever print and pattern grab my attention and I am off

    1. Sue, we are rebels without a cause. But sometimes, I do need to reel it in and focus.

  4. Pretyy blouse and great polished look.

  5. Love it! You make this look so exciting! I know you, this will not be boring.
    Great job on the fit. I wish I had made mine as long as you made yours, nice proportion.

    1. Thank you Becki. I enjoy taking the pictures when I have help. When I'm alone with my remote its harder to play with my poses. With your height, you will definitely need to length at least 2-3 inches to get good proportion.


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