Labeling is Everything.

What happens when you don't label your work. SMH. No size, no measurements, no name!! What was I thinking?
I normally hang these things on the pattern hooks or put them in a large envelope and file with name date and measurements. I can't believe I did this. I'm in a real bind now!!!
Oh well.
Such is the life of a seamstress, teacher, YouTuber, wife, mother, grandmother, and boss lady extraordinaire.

Later peeps... I'm off to figure this dilemma out.

"I don't know everything, 
but, I do know a lot about some things, 
so I'll teach you a
few things of what I do know."


  1. LOL Girl, you're gonna zig and zag and figure it out.
    I know what you mean about labeling stuff though. I've found a collar pattern with a pants pattern and other weird un-identifiable stuff floating around in my sewing room too.

    1. For sure...I did finally figure out that it was a shirt draft for my husband. I discovered that when I laid it out and saw the size. Don't have men customers that size.

  2. Thanks for that tip, it will help me to preserve them.

    1. You are welcome Jan. With pattern going out of print so much more frequently now, I had to figure something out.


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