Butterick 5678- Shirt fever still going strong.

Happy Friday my sewing friends. I am quickly falling back into my days of button down shirts and t-shirts. With shirts being my true love. I keep trying to force myself to sew up a few blouses. You know the ones you must pull over your head. Well it's not working for me.
This is probably one of the best shirt patterns put out by Butterick, but they in their infinite wisdom decided to discontinue this version. WHY!! @mccallspatterncompany would you do that???!?! Doesn't really make since to me. Especially, since it's a cup sized pattern and is a great design for many figure types.
With princess seaming and the best sleeve inset and sleeve cap ease I have found, this is a dream to sew. It comes with patch pockets, plackets, sleeve applets and other details that would make a great cargo shirt as well as a terrific military style shirt. So why did it go away.
Fitting wise this was easy. I cut a straight size 14 and used the D cup front piece and added a tad bit for a broad back at the blades and the. Did a sway back adjustment of only 3/8". Of course for this fitted shirt pockets dos not work on those mounds we call bust. I I took them off and will opt for pockets on a more moderately fitted shirt.
I am so glad is traced and secured this pattern for use in the future. They should bring it back real fast and in a hurry before there is an uprising in the sewing community.
Let's wave our flags with this picture to get them to hear our cry.

Until net time. Keep sewing.


  1. You know, that is something we should be asking them to explain on their blog. WHY exactly do certain patterns go out of print. I can understand designer patterns what with licensing and all...but their own designs? And of something like this that is such a great basic? Inquiring minds would like to know!!!! :)

    At any rate, I love your shirt so much! As always, it is perfectly fitting and perfectly sewn!

  2. You are a truly dynamic shirt maker.

  3. B5678 is an awesome pattern and is a hot commodity in sewing blogland. Great looking shirt, love that fabric.

  4. Wow! I LOVE IT! Absolute perfection! I too want to know WHY an amazing pattern such as this went away?

  5. Great blouse and thankfully I have that pattern. Once I get over my pull-over tops, I will definitely add to my sew now sewing list. Awesome fit.

  6. Beautiful , I love the fit and I have this pattern in my stash too....

  7. It is a really nice blouse and looks beautiful on you! The fit is perfect too! I am so happy I have this pattern but don't know why I haven't made it yet!


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