I got my fix with "Stitch Fix" today..

I recorded my first experience with a styling service.  (click the picture above).  I have never tried using a stylist...I have always wanted to, but only started this year.  Now, working with a wardrobe consultant, I'm learning more about what to look for in the stores.  Sewing for myself is easy, choose the fabric, sew the clothes.  But, actually going to the store to shop is difficult for me.  The two services ask plenty questions about your lifestyle your taste and your body contours.
 Youtube video of the experience with Stitch fix.
So, along with that I decided to try out this styling and personal shopping service, Stitch Fix where someone gives you a list of things they think will work with who you are based off answers you provided on a detailed survey.  I figured I would see what they think about my style personality, and if I like what they send me,  than if I like it that much,  I could then just sew my own, since I know the garment would be way more than I would be willing to pay, or worst of all not fit my body contours.   I was wrong to some degree.
The jeans $158 and dolman top $48.
I shared what I received in this unveiling of this on Periscope today. Stitch Fix is giving me a stiffen if someone tries out their service.  I already pay $20.00 for the box, but I thought I was giving another friend a referral fee by following the link from her blog.  I hope she got it, because I want to spread the love.
The coat is a large and too small in the chest and arms.  SOOOOOO......that why I sew.  It is so cute though?  I cost $118.00, but is pure acetate, and no body.  
This sweater is really cute but it was $68, and has the cutest back opening.  I just cannot see myself spending that kind of money on a sweater when I can also make that too.  I just need to figure out how to knit or sew the back opening like this....
Anyway...all the stuff was awesome.  The experience is really neat, since I like to get stuff in the mail.  How about the fit of those jeans though!!!  Not sure if I'll spend $148.00 for them.


  1. I tried Stitch Fix once & was very disappointed. I had several friends on board to try also. I'm not sure if I didn't give them accurate info or what. The coat I got was very cheesy material & $100. Pants were so snug I would have needed to go up 2-3 sizes etc etc etc. My 35 yr old cousin & her friends love it & order all the time but I was extremely disappointed .

    1. I can certainly understand your disappointment MaryEllen. The survey was very important. But I still went a little further and sent them a link to my blog, Instagram and also some personal thoughts about my taste. Aside from that, I to them I wanted to step a tad out of my comfort zone. We shall see how the next box pans out. As for the quality of the items. I really don't expect much of it to be at our level of expectations, given that we sew quality fabrics daily.

      Thanks for stopping in.

  2. Very inyeresting stuff. I f I was younger and working ,I might want to give this a try. I thinking you looked really good in the jeans and stripe top and the cross body back looked really good quality.

    1. Thanks Diana...yessss! those jeans really have me wanting to keep them. But, I just cannot justify $148.00 of my "fabric" funds for them.

  3. Very interesting. It is so hard to buy clothing when you sew, isn't it? Love the look of you in the skinny jeans.


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