Monster Chronicles- The Walking Dead!!

Boo...!!!  You are Mimi, you can sew anything! Says my 8 year old granddaughter.  She knew the best and easiest way to get to me and encourage me to sew something for her in one day, was to give me a sketch of what she wanted.  What a nice sketch and so clear and accurate.  No formal training at all!!!  I could not resist making her into a Monster High Cheer Zombie for her Walking Dead look.
Let's say that first of all, I was extremely impressed with the sketch she brought to me.  What a really nice drawing.  Can you say honestly that she has been hanging around me or maybe watching project runway as her t.v. designer education?  I think she is learning something.  I put my own spin on the outfit, because I just wanted to do some stuff myself.  Fabric shopping rendered the silver, because they did not have the pink she requested in her sketch.  
Dress-up was a lot of fun for her and the kids in the neighborhood.  They were treated with food, fun and goblins, then a stroll through the neighborhood for some trick-or-treating.  

Maybe next year she will be doing all the designing for me, and I'll just sew as usual.  


  1. She looks great! She's fortunate to have such a talented grandma!

  2. Ok her sketch is giving me life! I love that she detailed what needs to go where! And she's right; you can sew anything!!! :)

    So cute!

    1. Thanks Nakeisha, she is so confident in my abilities, I have to stay up on my game.


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