Reuse: Recycle: Repurpose- Another use for Pattern Tissue

For some reason lately, I have been seriously considering my impact on the environment with the waste I create in my sewing studio.  Re-using all that I possibly can has been at the top, then there of course is the recycling and up cycling that is everywhere.  But what about "re-purposing?"  Plenty times I hear and have seen in designer workrooms the use of tissue for sewing specialty fabrics.  Silk charmeuse comes to mind right away, mainly because this is what I was working on today.  I decided, after looking at the pile of trash overflowing from the trashcan to the floor...all pattern tissue scraps, why not?  Use the tissue paper from the patterns!!  DingDong!! there you go..repurposing.
It is time we all start considering the waste we produce for one wardrobe...our own.  If we produce this much waste just creating our own wardrobe.  Consider the amount produced when manufactured waste is added up times a million wardrobes.  Quilters have had this figured out for a very long time.  After attending the International Quilt Festival here in Houston this past week, I realized just how frugal they are with the little "scraps" that we so easily discard because we only view fabric in yardages.  
This lady made this garment for a wedding and used all manner of "scraps" to produce the train and the embellishments on the silk doupioni.  (I'm sure she was very specific with the colors...but, image the process.)
Eager to Learn—Afghanistan

Back to the tissue...see in this picture, the tissue tore away rather easily with no left over shreds between the stitches.  I was fairly impressed to say the least.  From now own, I will continue to cut strips of my leftover pattern tissue and add it to a box on my shelf for use for all those times I need leaders at the beginning and ends of my delicate stitching.

I challenge you to find other uses for the waste we all create in our spaces. 

Until next time...Re-use, Re-cycle, Re-purpose.


  1. Last year for our ASG Christmas party I used pattern tissue for gift wrapping.

  2. Great post. I love to reuse, recycle and refashion. Of late, I save the scraps from the fabric left from my garments for doll clothes for my g-niece. If the remnant is enough, I make head bands, and wrap caps. Scraps of tissue paper are used when I need to fill-in an adjustment on a pattern.


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