Beary Merry Christmas Hanging Advent Quilt: Both a first

The holidays have gotten me in the mood to try new things. After having attended the Houston Quilt festival in month and my new respect for quilters, I have set out to try it myself with this very minimal project.

Using the batting and learning the reason for the proper use of my walking foot as it relates to quilting, was a lesson all in itself. The Freemotion was totally a serious effort and now I understand the need for quilting gloves for controlling the movement of the layers.


  1. This is a really cute quilt! I would love to make a quilt, but not quite ready to get my feet wet yet.

    1. Levone, this is an experience in and of itself. Just dive in and try it out.

  2. Oh it came out sooo nice. I had fun staying up that night as you made it. Learned A LOT. I even went out on thanksgiving weekend look for this quilt top. Didnt find it, but was able to purchase the rest of my quilting supplies.


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