Sequins and Pyramids- Holiday dressing

It is said by more than a few stylist in the world of fashion that I should have at least one "fancy" skirt, in this case a sequin skirt for the fun times and events....whether dressed up or down.  A piece such as this is a great go to item for any holiday or celebratory occasion.  Well, I do as I am told by my wardrobe consultant.  See, I made a sequin skirt.  Guess what???  I love it!!!

I originally wanted to use a basic Mccalls pattern for the skirt.  But decided to stick with my high waisted look based off Pamelas Patterns and my own measurements.  I just used my hip, waist and length measurement to create the skirt.  I included a 2 inch allowance for the top in order to make for a wide sew-on 1.5" elastic.
The sequin fabric is from  This fabric is extremely nice.  I mean, before working with this sequin, I had a serious phobia against working with sequins.  Roz over at SMFabrics took a chance on me and gifted me outright with a cut of such a beautiful luxe fabric.  I love does not act anything like the fabric sequins I have had experience using.  The pyramid shaping to the sequins gives it such a distinctive look and feel.  You can get a discount for watching my Periscopes from SmFabrics, whenever I am displaying one of her fabrics I will give you the code.  For this one, I give you a sneak peek:  its "sewtofit10".. LoL.  Don't tell.  But it is only good unit Monday January 4th.
It looks like leather at first glance.  The sequins are no more than 1/8" big and are "stacked", I mean stacked densely on the knit backing.  I was worried about adding the darts to get the shaping and how I would work them in without adding excess bulk.
There are four darts in this skirt.  I will show you the techniques in a later post, since it is so very detailed.  So stay tuned.  The lining was a really nice designer grade tricot that is really lightweight, yet strong enough to stand up to the weight of the fabric.
I wore the outfit to a friends new years gathering with the over the knee boots.  They were much more comfortable than the heels, although the heels were really cute and a great touch for the overall look.    Such fun was had making this wonderful sequin skirt and silk top "live" on periscope.  Everyone seems to enjoy immensely the live sewing time I have in my studio.  I always have so much to share and show.


  1. Happy New Year Andrea! You are such a joy to watch on Periscope. Both your silk blouse and skirt come out beautifully! I also watched your "pattern fitting a skirt" video on Katch and learned so so much. Thank you for sharing your talents and gifts. GOD Bless!! SistasGirl aka Stephanie

    1. Wow, Stephanie!!! Thank you so much for always joining in the fun and learning. I'm glad it's all helping you in your craft.

  2. All right now, Mrs. Davis. Super cute and festive. Perfect for the holiday.

  3. You look fabulous! Sequins can be scary, but you're such a pro. Also, I saw your scope about sewing your shirt. It turned out great!

    1. Thank you Makingtheflame. I appreciate you joining in.


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