Sunny Bright in Dim Light...McCalls 6797

Yellow is such a wonderful boost to my overall state of mind.  The light was dim, but the top was the sun.  I needed something quick to sew to get me over this hump with all the other fitting work and projects I have been working on.  This was a really quick top to make....actually it was all of 1 hour, and that was because I had problems with the stitching because I was too lazy to actually change the needle to a "stretch" needle.  Of course I know better, since I did write a tutorial on sewing on figure.  "Do as I say, not as I do, right?"  OOOps.

The wind of course was giving me a task of this small little photo shoot.  I just pulled over to the side of the rode, set my tripod and let her rip while I talked on the phone to my fellow sew-sister, and friend, WendyByDesign from Detroit, via FaceTime of course.  That made the whole deal more fun, since I do become somewhat shy about taking pictures in gotta believe me, I am really coming out of my shell for y'all.
The folks looking out the office window really were have a time with my escapades.  I have so much appreciation for those bloggers that get out for their pictures time and time again.  Well that for them and this is for me...I hate this type of thing.  But, like I said it was a lot of fun.  
 This is the second time making this pattern, the first time was here without the sleeve.  The fabric was a nice gift from another sew-sister, Cennetta at The Mahogany Stylist.  It's really nice meeting such wonderful people all over the country and world.  I don't particularly have any folks in different countries yet to call on, but it in the works.
The pattern is literally shaped the exact way it looks.  I did a small fba on the front left "bust" so it wouldn't pull to the side like in the last one.  Amazing how much of a difference it makes.
I will definitely be making this again.  I am head over heals with this "t-shirt" top.  

Thanks for reading. 


  1. Cute blouse and the fabric was the perfect choice.

  2. Wow, this is darling and you wear it well!!!

  3. Very pretty blouse, you are styling it well, the yellow is so pretty on you. I have this pattern going to check out your tutorial on sewing with knits and make this blouse.

    1. Thanks Sharon. It took me a while to get used to the different sleeves but it's so comfy. Go for it.

  4. Love it! Nice and sunny, looks great on you. And good for you, going out to do your photos. It is a trip to do!

    1. Hello Coco...getting out for photos combined with errands kinda makes it easier. Thanks.

  5. Love your sunny cheerful top - beautiful!


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