Sunday, February 14

The Perfect Henley Tee- What it means to be a Henley

I have searched and searched for the perfect Henley pattern for years now. I finally came across this one by way of my January Stitch Fix. It was so right I had to duplicate it for future use. I did make an attempt at drafting one before, but I couldn't figure out what fine detail was missing until now. So I went back to the drawing board and self-drafted this tee with the same details that caught my attention in the Stitch Fix version. Now I know, it was the neckline shaping!!
Grey henley t-shirt with sleeve bands and button placket.

So many fine details make up the perfect wardrobe piece. It's a wonder I don't have ten of these by now. I made it about two weeks ago, maybe three. I don't even remember. What I do remember is that I have worn it so many times that one things for sure, is that I better hurry and find some more fabric and get a few more completed, before my family calls the fashion police.
Of course there was only a few tweaks I had to make for it to fit me the way I like, and that was the arm circumference. The fabric for future makes need to be very lightweight and breezy for it to feel comfy.  It's really no secret, I'm a button-down and t-shirt kinda gal.  So if I can get it to feel that comfortable, then it will be in heavy rotation in my closet, which is why I needed help for ideas on styling beyond the regular "t-shirt" wear.
For this one, I made the sleeve tabs faux, but next time I will go ahead and put actual buttonholes in them. The main reason for that is I keep trying to unbutton them and lower the sleeves. The button placket is fully functional, just as I wanted with a narrow lightly interfaced band. I am really very happy with the make, I even allowed my daughter to style me up, since I'm prone to just throw this very comfortable top on for any relaxed occasion. I needed her to give me pointers on taking a simple wardrobe piece to another level and jazz it up. I chose the shoes myself, the boyfriend jeans are something I have fallen head over heels for as well. They too are another Stitch Fix find. Total score!! I'm rocking her hat too. I wore it when I visited NYC last year. I do love to wear hats, problem is it is hard to find the right size for my noggins.

I get a kick out of understanding the history and meaning or background for the things I wear or what I do.  For this, I wanted to check out where or what "henley" really is, and this is what I found....
  • The men's henley is a "collarless" version of a polo shirt with three "signature" buttons.
  • The top button is never buttoned closed... hence the women's version is a little more sexy with the top opened down to resemble a v-neck
  • It is usually long sleeve and may be worn as a base layer to a jacket.
Here is a video of the original Stitch Fix fashion show where i show you their version.
Rodeo season is upon us and hats are a big thing in these parts. What say ye about hats? Do you wear the big ones are keep to the more conservative type?