Thursday, March 10

DIY Pants + Top = Jumpsuit... A Designer Recipe

Add a little extra ease here and a little extra length there and you have a great recipe for a really cool outfit. 
What an adrenaline rush this jumpsuit was to make...I just love making that surefire outfit.  Especially, when I have my fitted bodice pattern that I drafted many moons ago.  This was one of my occasional sewing projects to cleanse the palette  a true no brainer, because I just did not want to deal with another pattern that needed a bunch of fitting. "What you say??!" Fitting is my middle name?  Okay then...guess what?..we don't always use all our given names, all the time, do we?  
With this ensemble, I took my fitted top that only goes to the waist and made the necessary changes to sew it at the midsection to the pants base to create what is better known as the "jumpsuit". Duh...okay, some of you who are reading this already knew that right.?  That statement was for the beginners in the house.
If you haven't guessed it already, we just don't have winters and thus the closest I could come to styling this "sleeveless" faux fur topper, was to wear it with a "sleeveless" outfit.  And of course, my child and my sister were very instrumental in making sure I pulled this gorgeous ensemble off without a hitch.  Gotta love them both.  
Construction Details:
I added a few little details to make it stand out and give it just a little extra pazzazz...although, that extra doesn't really show through all the print in the silky polyester fabric I bought umpteen years ago from I know not where.  
The shoulders are pleated so that I had enough bust ease for movement, with a string of rhinestone trim added.  The back is just a simple open slash with a loop and rhinestone button.  At the waist, I made sure the pants were extra long to reach my "true" waistline, and the top is at least 3-4" longer than my waist to give it the blousing needed to look like a "pant" and top separate.

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