Friday, April 29

Kimonos and Boots: Copycat Fashion..I see my Momma.

Growing up (way, way long ago) I remember my Mom always wearing very vibrant colored flowing dresses and jumpsuits that had really big sleeves and silky fabric.  I didn't pay much attention to fashion "names" nor styles...the colors are what moved my needle up the richter scale.  So, when my daughter came to me with this gift from a friend, I put it on right away....and went for a road trip.
Unfortunately, the next day, I was in the mood to wear the dress again, but I knew that wouldn't sit well with my family.  You see I am known to wear the same thing over and over if I am in love with it, like I am with this dress.  And I had to wear my boots.  You can't really see the pic above where I have on my cow-girl boots.  That was the most comfortable I have felt in silk.  On to duplicate that look.....First, I had to decide on the fabric choice, since I have a huge stash, and growing steadily everyday, I knew it had to be a bold print, and of course "silky".  In this case silk is all I have, since I don't actually buy polyester silky prints much since the weather is so humid.  

Well, I went right in to copying the dress so I can move on with my day.  Success.

The neckline is done with rollover elastic....

I really like this dress, and with the boots it really feels sassy and comfy.