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Spring is here!! and it is time for me to clean my sewing room.  You know what happens when you have systems in place, that is the only thing that is your saving grace for disorganization and clutter.  If it weren't for the systems I set up during my non-busy days, then cleaning up the studio would be a monumental task.  So when my fellow ambassador, Cheryl, called out for folks to participate in a blog hop of studios for spring.  I was right on the band wagon since another well known blogger, Rhonda Buss, had already made a "call-to-action" to share.  UNTIL..... I opened the drawers and found "stuff" that was just stuffed into them hidden out of sight.  I call that my "All Dressed Up with a Dirty Neck." I must have tried to clean up before, and didn't have time to do a thorough job.  (edited: 10/2018)
#springcleanyourstudio blog hop
That is when I realized, this is what a creative genius looks like in action....

I love being able to move around freely in my space.  I love the colors I chose to accent, and I just love how bright the extra large window makes my room.  Aside from not having a bed, I could just live in this space, my fridge is in the corner in the picture above.  I still have a few more things to do to get it a tad more productivity friendly, but all-in-all, it is just perfect!!!  Welcome to my world!!  I'll just go right into it and show you the before pics first for each section and then the after for the second picture. 
#springcleanyourstudio blog hop

BEFORE Shots:  If you follow me on youtube, then you shouldn't be surprised with my "creative disorganization,  the area you most often see on my YouTube channel, is the one with all the drawers and wall units, which are all from the Container Store. 
#springcleanyourstudio blog hop
I store all manner of my favorite supplies and goods in those drawers and boxes and drawers:  bra kits, swimwear kits, silk fabrics, current projects, business forms, interfacings, rulers, embroidery supplies, etc.  It is all there, ready to go whenever I am.  My fabric stash is all in here "stashed" away in bins, and under the cutting table.  Some fabrics, mostly cottons and knits are out on shelves, and wools and fancies are hanging on the rods for now.
#springcleanyourstudio blog hop
There is a place for everything, if its not in place, then I'm in a creative stance currently, and need it all out while I think and dream.  That is the way I work.  I may lay fabric on the floor, see that on the floor above?.. or hang it over the rod, or over the door or dress form until I feel what I want to make of it, then I dive into the project.
#springcleanyourstudio blog hop
#springcleanyourstudio blog hop

AFTER Shots:  "All dressed up, with a dirty neck." is my motto for fast clearing and cleaning for a photoshoot or youtube filming, or a quick periscope broadcast.  Whatever and wherever my mind and creative thoughts take me, I'm usually ready at a moments notice. (most of the time...hehe.)  I need to see everything, it just can't be inside a cabinet, or I won't remember what or where it went.  Out of sight, out of mind.  The only difference is, if the cabinet is a single use system.  All, and I mean all of my sewing is required to be in one room of the house.  No exceptions....  "Well I do spill over occasionally." 

I am always working to improve the flow of my space.  By using folding tables that fit well with the flow of the room is helpful when I have guest or students visit.  I have inherited extra "stuff" that has taken up space normally used for guest or private lessons.  So that will change as I get to clearing out other areas of the room.  Corners are terrible with stashing overages and forgetting them.  I am sad to say that my bad spot is behind the curtain...a very large television, since I took over the media room to make this my sewing studio.  That is the area I am mentally planning actions for improvement.  Until then, this is what I work with, and its my world and who I am.  I will continue to update you on the progress for the "other" side of the room in the next few months.  This is gonna take a while.  

If you have pictures you would like to share on your journey to #springcleanyourstudio, please hashtag your social media post and share on your blog or link your pictures here.


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In the meantime, remember to check out others on this hop, if you want to see how others create in their rooms. 
#springcleanyourstudio Blog Hop!!!

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  1. Very nice! You did a "Super" job with organization! I'll really don't have a large sewing studio, but it works for me!

    1. Thank you know just how hard this was.

  2. Looks Fabulous! I'm very jealous of your light umbrella and background for chatting. Great set up!

    1. Thank you Lisa. It kinda just happened with the table being gifted to me. It reminds me so much of my Grandmother when she would sit and drink coffee, or "tea" (lol) and smoke her cigarettes.

  3. If you learn the secret of how to keep a room in order, please let me know. I clean up and it looks beautiful for a day, maybe two...then, back to the mess.
    Great post!!!!
    Question, what tri-pods are you using on your table? And, do you use more than one device at a time when you scope or record your You Tube videos? Thanks!

  4. "All Dressed Up with a Dirty Neck." Love that phrase-I'll need to borrow it!
    Your room looks so productive-need to study the pictures for tips.


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