Monday, June 27

I Dream of Jeanie...Pants that is!! Vogue 1355

Okay, can I just say....we copy off of each other everyday.  We see and sew, see and sew, whatever our friends sew.  Every time someone sews something we like, our list of things to sew grows and grows, and grows.  This was not something I was going to sew.  I hated these pants from the first day I saw them.  Even when I saw them on a fellow sew-sister, I thought to myself, she only looks good in them because she is 5 inches taller than me.  Well, that changed one night when I decided to take a chance at her insisting I "just try them". 
Even while I was laying out the pattern, I was wondering was this a waste of my time....until I put them on and this happened...

It was photoshoot time.  I have all the backdrop and camera with tripod setup in my sewing room so I don't need to run out chasing the sun.  I like to sew more than I like to take pictures, but you cannot tell by these shots.  I was having so much fun with my photographer and assistant- the remote control, and my granddaughter.   BTW....she told me to pose with the jeanie prayer hands.
Construction and Pattern Details:

Vogue 1355, a Sandra Betzina pattern has one piece for the pants.  The same as several McCalls patterns.  But Sandras patterns all have a special sizing that helps us to get near-ready-to-wear sizing. She uses a lettering system to create her sizes.  Her sizes do give good solid consideration for the tummy.

ALTERATIONS: I just the size D for length and didn't pay attention to the hip or waist because I used my base pant sloper/block or TNT to check the fit before I cut the pattern.  I over-layed my pattern block on top of this pattern and lined up the grain-lines to make sure the crotch and the waist seams were what I needed.  As it turns out, as with every other pant pattern, I lowered the front waist by 1.5" and extended the back crotch extension by at least an inch and shortened the front crotch extension by the same amount.  
If you need a pair of absolutely quick and fun pair of pants to wear, this is the one.  Listen to a friend, in my case, Cennetta of The Mahogany Stylist, they won't lead you astray.  At first I thought that extra fabric hanging between my legs would drive me crazy, but I haven't really felt it.  Ohhh!!!  I have worn then these pants way too much.  So, I guess that means I need to hurry and make another pair really soon.

I used the lightest of weight rayon jersey from JoAnns, I had bought planning to make some polazzo pants a year ago.  These work just fine.  

RECOMMEND?? Absolutely!!