Mommy and Me outfits..NewLook 6735 and Newlook 6648

When I first heard the comment you are twinsies or that making the same garment or maybe using the same fabric made bloggers refer to each other as twinsies, I had no clue how making this little outfit for myself would lead to the adult version of the mommy and me ensemble.

I try and make something for mom as often as I can. She is always thinking about sewing and I am always sewing. Shucks, truth be told everybody in my family is always thinking about what I could make them. If I just had it in me, I would be sewing a new item for every one of my loved ones daily. I would be pushing out a couple new items each week. I wish I had the time and the inclination to do that. It's just how much I love sewing for my family. However, since I don't have that kind of time, I must limit what and for whom I sew. You already know, Moms are the wind beneath our wings. The breath that helps us rise to greater heights.

The pattern is a quick pair of elastic waist pants and the tops are two different view from the same newlook pattern. I started the pants the day before for myself and quickly realized that I needed a matching top.  I purchased this nylon/spandex sale fabric at JoAnns.
My neckline finish is from the view D cowl neck.
Newlook 6648- View A with C sleeves
The pants are both the wardrobe builders pattern newlook 6735.  The tops are newlook 6648, which is out of print, however, I'm sure you will find it if you want.  Mine is view D and moms is view A with view C butterfly sleeves.  I did a quick tutorial on how to make the "french bound" armhole and neckline treatment while I was sewing my top.  That video tutorial will be up later in another post and on my channel.  To be notified, just make sure you are also subscribed to my youtube channel.

More to come.....


  1. Really pretty Ms. Andrea! I love both very comfortable looking outfits! (Mommy and me? Look more like sisters to me!)

    1. Thank Myra. She is definitely fun to see for when I can just be creative.

  2. OMG! How?!? Are y'all similar in size/measurements?!? My mama and I are so different!
    Me: hb 30", fb 35", waist 25", hips 35". I'm 5'5" and weigh about 107lbs. My mama has changed in shape so much after menopause 🙁. Poor thing. She's barely 4'10" and now she's very wide! She won't let me take her new measurements and since my mama (and daddy) put me through bachelors, masters, and law degrees, I'm gonna do for my mama what my hair lady's daughter did for her and get her a tummy tuck.
    My hair dresser is a tall and very curvy black woman who had hit menopause and ended up with loose skin all around her abs. Now she has a scar, but it's under her pantyline, and her belly is FLAT!
    Instead of making my mama all these leggings and sweats because she hates her new body, I'm gonna finance the 6k procedure.

  3. I actually have both of those patterns!!! I love how to put it together. Guess I better get busy.


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