Passion Fruit t-shirt Knit Dress- that 70s Vibe!!

No actual fruit here. Just that flavor, the color of Koolaid and watermelon on a summer day. Cool indeed because it is a rayon knit that feels cool in any weather.   I just wanted to make this dress because I had a feeling for something wild and fun.  The colors of the fabric spoke to me and I just went with the design.  This t-shirt dress look was made back in February, but I just hadn't remembered to blog about it until now that I am doing another "Wardrobe Fit-Along" The Knit Tee-Shirt.  I added the fun flirty "bell" sleeves as another way to show off the double sided qualities that got me to fall in love with this fabric in the first place.
I couldn't decide which side of the fabric to use since it's a reversible double sided rayon/lycra. It was a dream to sew and even more so a dream to wear. It's not hot nor heavy.  I bought it from "Sew Much Fabric, sold out, but here are a few others that are in cue for me to sew during my Sew-To-Fit Along that I am participating in with my "IRL" and Online sewing groups.
The pattern was a Bootstrap pattern basic....a jersey dress sloper.  I changed the hem and the sleeves to get the bottom flounce and the bell sleeves.  Such a fun look.  The neckline wasn't included in the pattern layout since it was just a sloper.  I cut the neckline to my desired size and shape based on my own measurements, and finished it off with a 5/8" neckband.  For the hems, I just folded the fabric over twice and stitched in place.  Since it is a two-sided fabric, that created the bias bound contrast I wanted.
So, in the case only, being two-faced is a good thing.  Have you ever sewn with two sided fabric, how did you maximize its beauty?


  1. Love the colors and the sleeve is TDF.
    I made a dress from a fabric that where grey melange on one side and grey leopard on the other, just a basic raglan style with a Square neckline and used the leopard on the sleeves to show, a favourite!

    1. Thank you Karin. Isn't it fun to have such a versatile fabric. For me it is always hard to choose when I love them both.

  2. You look hot! Those colors look great on you. And I love the skirt and especially those sleeves. Fall is about exaggerated sleeves and you nailed this look!

  3. So pretty and snazzy. Love what you did with this fabric

  4. Love the vibrant colors of this dress!

  5. Do you sell clothing or just classes?

  6. Do you sell clothing or just classes?


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