Tulle Skirt for "Mini-Me"

Did I ever tell you how my child waits until the last minute to ask me to sew something for Mini-Me? I do seriously believe that when ideas come to her mind, she believes there are no limits to my abilities. Also, I believe, that I don't have any sense of bounds where my granddaughter's needs are concerned, no matter how little time I have. It's a no-brainier, when my child has an idea for an outfit for my granddaughter, I just cannot say no, and whatever it is, has to be top notch. This tulle skirt came about because Jennifer dreamt up an idea for a pearls and tulle Christmas Photoshoot. Each year she does a different theme, this years theme required a skirt that gave all the fluff I could give for a child yet not make it look like a toddler tutu.
 Well you know what I did....I did what any Mimi would do.  I took care of my business and made a gorgeous, beautiful tulle skirt for my Mini-Me.  Doesn't she look absolutely magnificent in this 25 yards of tulle fabric!!!

The skirt is made up of 10 yards of double layered lightweight tulle on top and 10 yards of doubled netting on the under-layer sewn onto the satin base circle skirt at the halfway point closed by a zipper and the waist is 2 layers of 1.5" elastic encasing the top edges of the tulle.
For the gathering, I used my gathering foot on my machine to knock this puppy out in less than 40 minutes.  I'm very happy with the photoshoot my daughter lined up, this is one lovely picture.


  1. They both look beautiful! Awesome job on the skirt!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! And very age appropriate - not too young but a lovely fullness and length for an older girl. Bravo!

  3. Beautiful! The outfits, the MODELS, and your workmanship Andrea!

  4. Great tulle skirt. You are a super Mimi to make this adorable skirt for mini me:)

  5. That final pic under the trees, wow! Beautiful job and how daring and wonderful to pick that dark green color!

    1. Thank you Bunny. Actually, the skirt is black. I see the cast of green in some of the pictures.

  6. Gorgeous! Your family and your handiwork! These photoshoot pics will be AMAZING.

  7. Gorgeous outfits and oh my that picture is beautiful. And wow WoW that is an amazing skirt!!

  8. Lovely tulle skirt!!! Love the photos!


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