How to Trace a Pattern

I recorded this a very long time ago to show my friend how I trace patterns when I don't want to cut them. Sorry it was kind of dark, I was actually on vacation when I filmed this. You will need sharpie markers to make this work best and semitransparent tracing paper from the art supply store.mine is the Canary Yellow art paper. Please don't forget to like this video.


  1. Great tutorial Andrea. By trial and error, I just discovered the Sharpie 'bleed through' method a few days ago myself. I bought a roll of paper used on exam tables at doctors' offices and it is just the right weight to see through. Easier than trying to see through the paper to the pattern below!

  2. I am so glad to see this information again--I'd lost track of it and need this tutorial as I have a number of tracing jobs ahead of me. Thank you, Andrea!


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