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Week 3: Part 2- Designing More Skirts: Yokes, Gores, A-Lines & No Math Circle Skirt!!

Well happy Saturday SewDay!!! Is it time to say, you know all you need to know about fitting and designing your skirts.  Or, is this where you tell me, you haven't been paying attention?  I have just two questions for you. Did you know every possible skirt can be made from a basic straight skirt? Did you also know a circle skirt will have an automatic Full Butt adjustment and needs no MATH and does not hike up in the back!!?? Google Image

WEEK 3- Part 1: Designing a Pencil Skirt from your basic skirt.

Week 3 Part 1: Skirt Designing Happiness!!!! Aren't you glad we have been working systematically through fitting our skirts during this month.  YYYaaaayyy!!!  I am glad we are almost done, because that means we will be on to the show & tell next week.  I can't wait to share! I'm trying not to get ahead of myself though, because we still have a few videos you all haven't seen and a few things we have yet to discuss!! I was able to knock out another great video for you on the topic of designing a pencil skirt and what to look for when shaping your seams to fit those lovely voluptuous curves of ours.  And I mean, you will be quite surprised at how easy it is to make such a fantastic skirt happen, with such simple changes.  You will even finally understand what an HBL is... uh I mean, a Horizontal Balance Line.  That's right, I'm throwing in a few technical terms just for the sake of stirring up your noggins, you call a brain.  HeHe.  Take it or leave it, we

Skirt WEEK 2 pt2: Fitting The Pencil Skirt and New Video

Well Happy Friday everyone!!! All right then, we have another great video added to our Skirt fitting playlist over on youtube in our wardrobe fit-along series . Thank you all for joining in as we are working during the month of June to fit our skirts.  Today, we had another surprise visit from my daughter, Jennifer, to get her skirt fitted. I am getting really spoiled to be receiving so much support and help from her this month for this series.  This really helps me to focus on the fitting and bringing you great tips. If you are new to the blog or this series, please click here to see the complete playlist and descriptions of each video part for the Skirt Edition of this fit-along.  Thanks for using my hashtags:  #sewtofitalong and #skirttransformations This weeks Livestream from last night, June 15, on YouTube here , was great and I certainly appreciate those who were able to join in live and get their questions answered while we discussed the topic of how fabric can change

Skirt WEEK 2 pt1: Let's Talk Pattern, Fit, & Fabric - Video Scheduled

Hello and Happy Monday everyone, Welcome to Week 2 of the Skirt Edition Fit-Along.  I think I may have gotten a few of you confused, and had you hunting down the week 1 topic.  It seems, in my excitement to have my daughter come over to do the live video fitting with us, I totally skipped to "Week 2" material, the fitting,  and failed to let you all in on the secret!  LOL   Please forgive me for that, I'm sure you preferred that surprise anyway and didn't even miss the beginning of the Fit-Along Notes that I had actually planned for you, right? This week, Week 2 ,  we will back up a little and focus some on how we should systematically select and fit our skirt patterns by discussing a few extremely important points needed in any project no matter whether the pattern is a commercial pattern,  custom sized, like bootstrap, or an independent, like mine.  Make sure to add the event to your calendars for this Thursday at 8pm central standard time:   WEEK 2- The Skirt

Skirt WEEK 1 pt2: Fitting my Daughter's Pencil Skirt (Fitting Along June17)

Well hello everyone. I hope your week has been great. (Edited 6/10/17)  Week 2  Week 1 is almost behind us in this skirt series edition of the wardrobe fit-along. Today I want to share with you the progress on fitting my daughter, Jennifer's pencil skirt. This is one of the skirts I am making as a thank you for her contributions to my live YouTube video demonstrations. Isn't she lucky!! Google image. First, let's talk about what a Pencil Skirt is compared to a basic straight skirt.  A pencil skirt is "pegged" at the hem and as a flat pattern is shaped like a bell.  The center back seam is usually gonna need a tad bit of shaping for the curvy figure, although, in this picture the back seam is straight.  This is a picture of a pencil skirt on me.  I made this a few years ago, here . The difference between a pegged/ Pencil skirt and a basic Straight Skirt... "A pencil skirt is a slim-fitting skirt with a straight, narrow cut. Generally the he

Skirt WEEK 1 pt1: Wardrobe Fit-Along- The Skirt Edition

I am on to another garment, the skirt, in my own personal wardrobe building series.  As with all the others, I will continue working alongside my "offline" sewing group to practice fitting and creating another very vital wardrobe basic, the pencil skirt. We are going to take it further and practice designing other styles from our basic skirt sloper or TNT patterns.  If you are new to the Sew-To-Fit Community, I welcome you!! Over the past couple of years, I have created many videos for the different projects I have attempted, along with a few random "viewer request" to help fellow sewcialist in their quest to fit their bodies. This has become a " series ", and I am humbled at how this has grown so tremendously since it's humble beginnings .  Also, I am really inspired by the number of you who have developed an interest in my youtube fitting videos.  And just to think, this all began as a project I started as a way to force myself to sew more with